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The Luxury Closet’s Top 10 Handbags For Winter 2016

Trust us to come up with an excuse to buy a new bag for every season!  We have scoured the runways for this season’s hottest bag trends, and ranked them with our top 10 handbags from The Luxury Closet. Chains Chain handbags are back in this Winter and this gorgeous burnt-orange

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Bag of The Week: Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Noe

Louis Vuitton Noir Sequins Limited Edition Mini Noe Rococo Bag This week’s “Bag of The Week” is this beautiful Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Noe Rococo.  Inspired by the late 18th century European baroque style, this handbag is perfect for anyone with a flair for the grandeur.  The baroque trend is

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Breaking The Rules: How To Mix Gold and Silver Jewelry

Perhaps the sign of a true fashionista is the ability to turn a faux pas into a trend.  Take Prada’s pattern clashes, Chloe’s double denim and who could forget the revolution that was 2007 and the skinny jean movement. So throw away the rule book and dare to wear gold

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What Are the Different Types of Diamond Cuts?

Marilyn didn’t lie when she sang the words “diamonds are a girls best friend”.  With the beginning of The Dubai Jewellery Week beginning on the 7th December and the Diamond Fine Jewelry section on The Luxury Closet growing every day, we thought it was important to know everything we could

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Bag of The Week: Floral LV Capucines

Louis Vuitton Multicolore Flower Lambskin Capucines BB Bag The LV Capucines bag design was first seen in 2013, as part of the Fall/Winter collection.  The bag takes it’s name from the street Rue des Capucines in Paris.  Upon which Louis Vuitton’s first store was opened in 1854.  A classic heritage for

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