Fine Jewelry Authentication Process

july 29 watch-15541 july 29 watch-15548The Luxury Closet does not accept fake or counterfeit merchandise of any kind. All items you send us are put through a multi-point, brand-specific authentication process by our team of luxury experts, headed by our Category Manager for Fine Jewelry, Silvia Fracchia.

Our offices boast state of the art equipment like microscopes, magnification loops, a diamond and moissanite tester, gem refractometer and gold testers in order to help us perfect this authentication process.


Want to know how we do it?




Firstly, we check if the materials are real and we grade them. What we look for?

a. Search for metal identifier, stamp and hallmarks.
b. We check that the metal hallmarks are in compliance with regulations.
c. Using metal testers, we test the metal type and karat type to make sure both of them match the stamps.

a. Firstly we have to identify the gemstone type and check they are not substitute or imitations.
b. We grade the gemstones’ quality and check they are in compliance with the brand’s standard of gemstone quality.




After being sure on the quality of the material, we look for brand name markings, any serial numbers and other key identifiers to make sure that the jewel is 100% authentic.

We check that signature font and marking technique are exactly the same as the brand.

We verify that every single detail of the jewel is exactly the same design and craftsmanship quality as that of the original by the brand.


We verify that every brand’s distinctive design is featured on the products, and is in compliance with the brand and model. The key indicators we always look for, which vary depending on the brand, style and model are the serial number, copyright stamp, ring or bracelet size and hallmark in order to help us verify the authenticity of a jewel or spotting a fake.





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