How to Spot a Fake Louis Vuitton Belt

Fake Louis Vuitton Belt
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Louis Vuitton, is the worlds most copied brand. An expert eye can see the difference between an original and a faux, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. The product that is most imitated and floods the consumer market are Louis Vuitton belts.

Here is a quick guide to spotting fake Louis Vuitton belts.

1. Place of Manufacture

Fake Louis Vuitton belt
Louis Vuitton Blue Monogram Denim Belt 100CM

Not many know but Louis Vuitton Men’s belts and Louis Vuitton Women belts are only manufactured in Spain. Not in India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh or for that matter Italy or Germany. The easiest way to start by telling if the belt is real or fake is to see where it was made. The genuine and authentic LV belts are only made in Spain. Until the 80’s or the 90’s, when they were made in the United States or France, production has now shifted completely to Spain. Check for the stamp embezzled on the belt with Made in Spain (the logo stamp impression in the interior of the product). The back of the belt is where the stamp will be located with the correct font, size and precisely centered to the belt’s width.

2. Buckle

Fake Louis Vuitton Belt
Louis Vuitton Light Blue Patent Epi Leather Belt Size 80

Take a hard look at the buckle which has the signature LV logo on it. If the logo looks engraved, then it is not genuine. The buckle, logo or any other tangible part must be of high quality. Most logo pieces on standard products of Louis Vuitton have certain parameters to comply with. Similarly, the LV logo on any belt always conforms to the standard detailed. The letters are so designed that the bottom part of the V does not touch the end of the L. The letters do intersect somewhere in the middle but do not touch each other at the bottom, they are always spaced. Very often, counterfeiters have these letters touching at the bottom of the logo which is a definite callout of its authenticity.

3. Screws

Fake Louis Vuitton belt
Louis Vuitton Black Satin Rhinestone Fleurs Runway Belt 85 CM

The screws holding the buckle are another aspect where counterfeiters make a slip and this is an easy way to spot fake products. The colour of the screws holding the buckle should match the colour of the buckle. If not, it is clearly fake. The screws on Louis Vuitton belts are commonly flat head screws. The flat head screws are present on the back of the buckle. Since flat head screws are expensive, counterfeiters use the Phillip head screws which are cheaper. This minute detail is hardly noticed by the customers while making a purchase and one easily gets tricked into buying fakes.

4. Stitching

Fake louis vuitton belt
Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Skinny Belt 90CM

The stitching lines on the belt, both inside and outside are of superior quality. The fake ones often have inferior stitching lines on the inside of the belt. Counterfeiters fail to replicate this aspect and the interior stitching lines are where you are most likely to find an error. The counterfeiters try as much to make the belt look classy and elegant from the exterior but will compromise on the interior build. To the trained eye, this can be easily spotted. This is a sure give away that it is a duplicate.

5. Colour of belts

The belts come in only brown/tan colors, made of calfskin with suede backing or black backing. Each color scheme has its own peculiarities. There is one with a camouflage print which has never known to be replicated in the market. The primary difference with the calfskin suede backing and the black leather backing is that the former has LV initials in gold and is not reversible, but the latter is reversible and is available with a Silver LV buckle.

6. Damier prints

Fake Louis Vuitton belt
Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Ellipse Belt 85CM

The belts with the Damier prints are unique and have only a few variations. This makes it easier to spot the fake. The Damier prints, especially the white one, is available with a gold buckle and calfskin suede backing only. Buckles of any other color are completely fake. The brown Damier print is only available with a dark copper buckle and a dark brown leather backing. The black Damier print is only available with a black buckle and black leather backing. These belts don’t come with calfskin suede backing and if you do spot one then be sure that they are fake.

7. Size of belts

Every LV belt carries a Louis Vuitton belt size chart on the back of the belt. The chart is imprinted with stamp impression. Belt sizes of Louis Vuitton belts come in centimeters and inches. There are two numbers printed with the number on top (which is the larger number) representing the centimeters and the bottom number (the smaller one) representing the inches’ unit of measurement.

8. Shape

The corners of the belt are never round. The corners are generally squared off and have an impeccable finish.

9. Authenticity card

Louis Vuitton belts never come with an authenticity card, none of Louis Vuitton items do. It is just something counterfeiters overdo to make the buyer feel like they have the made an authentic Louis Vuitton purchase.

We hope our list helps you weed out the counterfeits and make the right purchase for yourself. Belts are an integral part of women’s accessories and men’s accessories. So, get shopping and style yourself from a wide range here.

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