7 Ways to Spot Fake Jimmy Choo Handbag

Known for a contemporary and daring design philosophy, Jimmy Choo is a modern collector’s favourite. Whether you are picking up a pair of Jimmy Choo women’s sunglasses or stepping into a party in a pair of Choo pumps, you will be wearing a piece of art that has graced red carpets and high-fashion ramps the world over. Because of this undeniable charm and beauty, Jimmy Choo products also have their share of pretenders, waiting to cash in. However, a Choo is not something that can be easily copied and with a few expert glances and informed notes in the back of your head, you can figure out whether the product in front of you is authentic or not.

Authenticate Your JCs

When you plan to add a Jimmy Choo product to your collection, it is always good to do some homework and identify the models and designs to familiarize yourself with the quality and look. There are many iconic Jimmy Choo bags that are loved by the connoisseurs. The Lohla Jayne tote features a large soft shape and a fair amount of hardware balancing a simple body, just like this original piece authenticated by the experts at the Luxury Closet. This round hobo is another much cherished Jimmy Choo design, with the accented hardware and the metal Jimmy Choo letters on the bottom of the body. The Chandra is a perfect example of a ladies Jimmy Choo wallet, complete with embellishments and the hallmark hardware.

Jimmy Choo Pink Metallic Leather Chandra Embellished Clutch

Recognize the Logo and the Colour Theme

The Jimmy Choo trademark is very recognizable. Spend time studying the logo on the official website or from an earlier product you own. A lot of the fakes fail to get it right. The most obvious place to start is the bridge of the ‘H’, which in the logo is around 3/4th high rather than joined in the middle, a detail a lot of fakes fail to notice. The lilac tone of Jimmy Choo is also a unique shade and not the easiest to duplicate, especially for the inside tags. Observe the trademark on this original beige shoulder bag; the perfect O’s are another way to distinguish from the fakes. The metal work of the Jimmy Choo trademark is very intricate and the result of perfect finishing that most duplicates cannot reproduce.

Check The Insides

When you are picking up Jimmy Choo women’s bags, there are certain brand hallmarks which will help you distinguish the real stuff from the pretenders. Genuine mole-skin is the inside material of choice for JC bags, whether you are considering  Jimmy Choo hobos or women clutches. It is easy to identify the woven cotton and moleskin inner linings of a Jimmy Choo bag, fake ones will have a cheaper texture or a different material like satin, suede, canvas and others.

The Tags

When you check the insides of Jimmy Choo bags the inside tag is always a lilac coloured one. It is metal with the Jimmy Choo in clear and sharp letters. Observe the ‘Made in Italy’ on the tag – the M should fall directly under the first M of Jimmy. The inside tag is usually affixed on the inside leather.

The inside brand label tag

Check the Zipper

Jimmy Choo hardware is unmistakably luxe. If the zipper is not engraved with the Jimmy Choo trademark and is not a gold rectangular piece then it is fake. A lot of times you will come across Jimmy Choo posers with hardware from YKK, which is popular in itself as a zipper brand. However, do not fall for this not-so-subtle attempt to dupe you. When you close the zipper of an original Jimmy Choo bag, the centre of the zipper spine would look like a row of diamonds. Fakes will have cheap zippers without this finishing touch. The leather quality around the zipper is another good indicator.

Hardware Finishing

Some Jimmy Choo women handbags have metal closures. Look for the clear lettering of the brand between the screw heads. The typography should be sharp and clear, the perfect finishing of a luxury product. Feel the metal clasp or closure. Originals will feel heavy, fake ones will have a hollow sound when they close. Note the hardware on this original leather and suede satchel. Here is a fine example of a real Jimmy Choo clutch; the metal nameplate of the piece matches the colour of the bag. With fakes, you will notice contrasting colours. Originals always follow the same colour theme for name plate and leather (unless they are a solid metal tone), if not the exact shades.

The Box

The shoes are the centrepiece of any Jimmy Choo collection. The Jimmy Choo box is another piece of iconic imagery in the world of luxury products. The boxes follow one colour and design theme. A Jimmy Choo box comes in a very light lilac colour. The Jimmy Choo name is in the centre of the box cover in a silver iridescent tone. You will also find the name on the short ends of the lid. The word “London” is printed below in a smaller size. Remember that the box is just one of the many indicators of authenticity; do not assume the shoes are real just because the box is.

Jimmy Choo shoe box

Common Observations

A lot of fakes tend to oversell just to convince the buyer that the Jimmy Choo is real. If you see a ‘genuine leather’ tag, drop the piece. JC wouldn’t be so tacky as to state the obvious. Everybody knows that Jimmy Choo uses the highest quality, patented leather – they don’t sell products with tags to remind customers of that. Whenever there is any engraving and it looks shoddy – only one explanation – fake. Luxury brands pride themselves on the finishing, so the typography is always immaculate and consistent. The screws used on a Jimmy Choo are always flat heads. Originals do not have hanging price tags.

Now you are armed with the basics on how to spot a fake Jimmy Choo. But that is not all. Choosing your seller wisely is a great way to avoid the experience of ending up with a fake. You will be spending a small fortune on this luxurious addition to your collection. It is better to trust the experts and choose a retailer who deals only with authenticated goods. Since 1996, the Jimmy Choo stable has enamoured the high fashion world with unique designs, uncompromising quality and an everlasting popular culture appeal. Add this luxury essential to your closet now!

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