Designer Heels for the Princess in You!

Most women have grown up watching classic fairytales like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.  Do you remember those amazing heels they all wore?  Well, we’ve compiled a list of designer heels that are ideal for awakening ‘the little girl’ in all women. These princess-inspired heels are perfectly suited for any fashionista looking to be the belle of the ball.

Glass heels with a red sole
Christian Louboutin glass designer heels
Christian Louboutin glass designer heels

Christian Louboutin came up with these Cinderella inspired glass slippers. Of the fairy tale classic he states, “Cinderella is not only an iconic character when it comes to beauty, grace and fairytale love, but also shoes.” These exquisite designer heels are embellished with crystals and butterflies and have the signature Louboutin red soles. I agree with Louboutin when he says, “the slipper is the magic wand of transformation, which conjures confidence, beauty and love.”

Disney fantasy to Broadway style
Stuart Weitzman glass designer heels
Stuart Weitzman glass designer heels

Stuart Weitzman also took inspiration from Cinderella to design these unique glass slippers for the Broadway interpretation of the Disney classic. These elegant one of a kind heels are embellished with over five thousand dazzling Swarovski crystals. Weitzman’s reasoning for using such a large number of crystals? He wanted to make sure that everyone in the theatre could catch a glimpse of these stunning pumps. Apart from designing the glass slipper for the show, Weitzman also introduced a collection of transparent, sparkling heels and flats available at his retail locations.

Sleep like a princess
Charlotte Olympia designer heels
Charlotte Olympia designer heels
Charlotte Olympia designer heels top
Charlotte Olympia designer heels with Sleeping Beauty

Charlotte Olympia took the classic story of Sleeping Beauty and added a modern twist to it. These designer heels are perfect for those women who believe in their happily ever after. Decorated with the face of Sleeping Beauty wearing her crown, these stunning heels are a standout as they add beautiful character to any outfit you wear.


Long blonde hair, let it down
Charlotte Olympia Rapunzel designer heels
Charlotte Olympia Rapunzel designer heels

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.” These whimsical Charlotte Olympia Platforms have Rapunzel’s long blonde locks braided all over with a touch of Swarovski crystals. Designed as part of the ‘Once Upon a Time’ collection for Fall 2013, these shoes will have you ready to let your hair down for a fun night on the town!


Love is, Happily Ever After
Charlotte Olympia Happily Ever After designer heels
Charlotte Olympia Happily Ever After designer heels

These ‘Happily Ever After’ Pumps by Charlotte Olympia are perfect for women who dream about their ‘Prince Charming’. These beautiful jet black and gold platform pumps add a touch of elegance to any outfit. What makes these designer heels even more in tune with the fairy tale theme is the embroidery: one states ‘Happily Ever After’ while the other says ‘Once Upon A Time’.


Kiss the Frog Prince
Charlotte Olympia Red Kiss Me Quick designer heels
Charlotte Olympia Red Kiss Me Quick designer heels

Who would have thought that The Frog Prince could have given inspiration for creating a pair of designer heels? Charlotte Olympia did just that by designing these ‘Kiss Me Quick’ heels. The frog prince figurine transforms a basic, easy to wear suede pump into a statement shoe that is hard to stop talking about. These heels add a quirky yet romantic touch to any outfit.

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