Web Content Manager – Anum Akhtar

Anum Akhter - Web Content Manager
Anum Akhtar – Web Content Manager at The Luxury Closet
Who is Anum Akhtar?

Living for the weekend, is what Anum would say if you asked what she is about.  Hanging out with her girlfriends, going to the gym and eating loads and loads, I introduce to you Anum Akhtar.

Born in Karachi Pakistan but she has lived in Dubai, UAE her whole life.  Anum studied International Relations which translates to Political Science for the uninitiated.  Having an excellent natural ability in English, Anum easily secured job offers after uni here in Dubai and of course the one from The Luxury Closet was her choice just as we chose her.

What does she do at The Luxury Closet

As the Web Content Manager, Anum oversees everything on the website from how it looks to how it works in the background.  All the while, her goal is always to make your time on the site as fast and as smooth as possible, she knows you are busy.

As the senior person in the Web team, Anum manages another two Content Managers who collectively make sure you get to see all the new designer items for sale on the site as quickly as possible.

If that wasn’t enough, Anum fixes things.  Fixes all the little bugs and errors on the site or if the site ever breaks. Not that that ever happens. But if it ever did, she’d totally fix it right up.

What is Anum’s French name and why?

Every closeteer gets to pick a special French name that is all about them. Anum picked “Reine du Contenu” which means “Queen of Content”. Anum picked this name for one simple reason, delusions of grandeur. She dreams big!

  1. Food – In all of its wonderous, delectable, scrumptious forms :). After all, what is a life without french fries?
  2. Liverpool FC – Only a true fan continues to support a team that never wins anything!
  3. Travelling – Next on her list are Thailand, Spain & somewhere (anywhere) in South America.
3 dislikes
  1. Salads – She can’t deal with them… She just.cant.
  2. Traffic – because she faces a long & depressing commute to work every single day. She’s currently saving up to buy herself a helicopter. After which she will probably need to save up to have a helipad installed in her office building, but where there’s a will, there’s a way!
  3. Narrow-minded & judgmental – Live & let live, people!
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