Stefan Hafner: the Magic of Jewelry Design

Stefan Hafner Flower Earring Set

There are some pieces of jewelry that catch my eye and heart. They are the jewels that reflect a story of love between nature’s inspiration, a sapient mix of gemstones and the stunning craftsmanship of the best jewelers you can find.

Stefan Hafner is one of my favourite jewelry brands. Each of its pieces is an artwork in itself. When I look at jewels by Stefan Hafner, I feel that magic attraction when the shapes and colours are in perfect synergy.

Stefan Hafner Diamond and Blue Sapphires Necklace and Earrings Set

Stefan Hafner is a brand founded in Bologna in 1967 by Mr Hafner, a creative Italian jeweler with Swiss origins.  He spent much of his life traveling all over the world with his designers to personally meet customers and create the jewels of their dreams.

His jewels reflect his passion for gemstones, which are beautiful and expressive. Lightness is also one of the trademarks ofStefan Hafner’s collection. A precious decoration of colored gemstones seem to float in the air supported only by a thread of  hidden gold.

Stefan Hafner Fancy Flower Ring

Adorn your hands with this enchanting flowers and butterfly inspired ring, set in white gold with diamonds with pink, yellow and orange sapphires.




Silvia Fracchia
Jewelry Category Manager
The Luxury Closet

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