#BagThursday: What is an electric Blue Hermes?

This week we received what to me is the true essence of luxury. It arrived in that all too familiar (but highly exciting!) orange box. This time however, what was nestled inside wasn’t just another Birkin or Jypsiere.

Hermes Bleu Electrique Niloticus Crocodile Kelly Cut Clutch front


Blinded by the electric blue glossy finish and stunned by the beauty of the crocodile skin, we knew this Kelly Cut clutch was something special. The bag is crafted from genuine saltwater Niloticus crocodile skin sourced directly from a farm exclusively run by Hermes on the Nile river in Africa.

Hermes Bleu Electrique Niloticus Crocodile Kelly Cut Clutch lock Hermes Bleu Electrique Niloticus Crocodile Kelly Cut Clutch lock 2


What’s more, though Niloticus crocodiles grow to be quite large (up to 15 feet long!), it takes approximately 3-4 crocodiles to make one bag.  This is because only a certain part of the crocodile- the belly- can be used.  If the story of the leather alone isn’t enough to make you swoon, perhaps the shocking color will. Bleu electrique is one of the most sought after colors when it comes to a Hermes bag. It’s just so beautifully bright, who could resist?

Hermes Bleu Electrique Niloticus Crocodile Kelly Cut Clutch

Catherine Travers
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Milli Midwood

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Milli is a fashion blogger, tea drinker and sun worshiper, who has called Dubai her home for the last 24 years. Likes dog videos, free WiFi, Gucci and hashtags because they look like waffles.

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