Happy Mothers Day!


Fashionable Mothers Throughout History


For this Mother’s Day, we thought we’d pay homage to the fabulous mothers that forever left a mark in American fashion history.

Grace Kelly (1929-1982)

I would like to start off my list with the breathtakingly beautiful Grace Kelly.

The princess of Monaco and mother of three was an American actress, mentored by the likes of Alfred Hitchcock, before she tied the knot to Prince Rainier III and earned the title of Her Serene Highness the Princess of Monaco on April 18, 1956.

Grace KellyGrace had an impeccable fashion sense that was described as wholesome and lady like. She was the first to introduce shirt dresses, capris and flat loafers which she combined with signature accessories, understated make-up and flawless hair.

The princess of Monaco was introduced to the Hermes Sac à dépêches on the set of To Catch a thief and it was an instant “coup de foudre”. She became such a fan, carrying it around to hide her pregnancy that the bag went on to be named after her.

Grace Kelly 2 Kelly








Her Serene Highness always dressed impeccably, however some of her outfits left an everlasting effect on the fashion world.

Her Helen Rose wedding dress is said to have cost around a whopping 60,728 American dollars, not including the designer fees.

Large amounts of heavy taffeta, silk taffeta, silk net and lace came together to create this sensational wedding dress that was complemented with a unique Juliet cap headpiece.

Grace Kelly 4

Kelly 6 Kelly 5








Grace Kelly’s wedding left a timeless impact in the hearts of women everywhere, and inspired Kate Middleton’s Alexander McQueen wedding dress.

Kelly 7


Kelly 8A big fan of accessories, she was a big aficionado of Van Cleef and Arpels, particularly their animal shaped brooches which she purchased for the enjoyment of her children.


Canard Normandie clip retail card, 1955, Van Cleef & Arpels’ Archives / Canard Normandie clip, 1955 & Lion Ebouriffé clip, 1962, Private Collection of H.S.H. Princess Grace of Monaco, Principality of Monaco

Jackie O (1929-1994)

We continue with First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis who became an instant fashion icon after her husband at the time, President John F. Kennedy got elected in 1963. Mother of two, Caroline and John, Jackie O spent her life supporting the arts and historic architecture.

Kennedy Family

Jackie 2She was a fan of Givenchy, Chanel and Christian Dior. During her time as first lady she hired designer Oleg Cassini to create her very own unique wardrobe which included flawless flowing dresses, preppy two piece suits and glamorous evening gowns

1961 Oleg Cassini Celadon Silk Dress  worn by First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy at a White House dinner honoring the Nobel Prize Laureates of the Western Hemisphereon April 29, 1962.

She loved wearing statement making colorful sleeveless dresses, A-line skirts and pillow box hats. She accented her outfits with fabulous sunglasses, scarves and pearl necklaces.

One of her most famous outfits however, was the one she had on the unfortunate day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, a pink Chanel suit with a matching pillow box hat.

JAckie 3

Jackie handled the tragedy with the same poise and class that she became known for, all the while protecting her family.

Diana Ross (1944-Present)

No list would be complete without the larger than life Diana Ross. Before embarking on her whirlwind music career, Ross, was mesmerized by everything fashion, she even went on to study design, millinery, pattern-making and seamstress skills.

Diana Ross 1During her time with The Supremes, Diana acted as a seamstress and designed the costumes. She even took care of the hair styles and make-up.

She continued to be a fashion icon throughout her solo career through the 70’s disco glam and well into the 80’s where her go to designers were Halston, Bob Mackie and Maud Frizons.

Diana ROSSWith her extravagant gowns and big hair, the fierce and soulful singer and mother of five, never failed to leave her audience breathless.

She was asked to host The AMAs in 1986 and 1987 where she proceeded in changing her outfit at every commercial break.

Below you can find an outfit she designed for herself which involved a maxi flowing one sleeved dress, matching turban and fur stole.

Diana Ross 3

Although her style in recent years has become a bit over the top, she can still pull it off. After all she IS Diana Ross!

Michelle Obama (1964- Present)

We complete our list with none another than the first lady herself Michelle Obama.

Mrs. Obama has earned her Bachelor of Arts in 1985 from Princeton and her Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from Harvard Law School in 1988 before meeting her husband and getting married in 1993.

The ultra-toned Mrs. Obama became an instant style sensation glamming it up in sleeveless dresses or toning it down with high waist trousers and belted cardigans. The best part was that her outfits are always affordable and easy to replicate.

Michelle Obama 1

Michelle Obama 2Her fashion icon status led her to be the first woman to ever appear on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens magazine and the cover of Vogue, preceded only by Hilary Clinton.

The mother of two, Malia Ann and Natasha absolutely loves accessories ranging from brooches to pearl necklaces. Here you can see her effortlessly pulling off a St Erasmus necklace.

Michelle Obama 3

Mcihelle Obama 4One of her most memorable outfits is this flared two tone Tracy Reese dress which she paired with colorful pointed pink shoes.

Mcihelle Obama 5

However, one designer by the name of Jason Wu has won his way to the heart of the First Lady who wore his designs not once, but twice for her inaugural balls in both 2009 and 2013.

Michelle Obama continues to inspire people everyday, be it with her spotless style or her efforts to help the less fortunate. She is also an active advocate for LGBT rights, military families and working mothers.


Motherhood is a blessing, and the above bold and ambitious women made sure to look their best while doing it!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beloved mothers reading this, and a special shout out for my very special mom whom I couldn’t thank enough for her patience, guidance and never ending love.

Stay safe wonderful people.


Pia Issa
Social Media Executive




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