Dresses That Revolutionized Fashion

With an influx of gorgeous dresses and gowns flowing into The Luxury Closet, we have researched the most popular, most daring and most iconic dresses of all times that have revolutionized fashion history.

Check out our timeline for the finest dresses that have inspired every designer to recreate similar ensembles in some way and that were copied by almost every department store over the years.

Scarlet Ohara in Gone with the wind

1. Scarlet O’Hara’s popular Emarald Curtain Dress designed by Walter Plunkett is still remembered today just as their romance is, 75 years later.


Dior Corelle Dress





2. Dior’s 1947 “Corelle” New Look was first viewed with distaste due to its daringness to break from traditions, however, it quickly picked up as it gave women a very curvaceous and sultry form.



Marilyn Monroe in her white dress







3. This Marilyn Monroe classic will always be engraved in our minds whether we remember the movie or not. But just FYI, it’s from the movie The Seven Year Itch (1955), designed by William Travilla.







GRace Kelly Wedding dress 4. Known as the wedding of the century, it’s unlikely the dress would go unnoticed. Grace Kelly’s $65,000 wedding dress, designed by Helen Rose in 1956, inspired brides worldwide including Kate Middleton.


Audrey Hepburn Givenchy Dress

5. After Marilyn Monroe’s white halterneck dress, we would vote this as the second most iconic dress in Hollywood. Worn by Audrey Hepburn for Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961), this chic number was designed by Givenchy and started the trend of “the little black dress”.


Marilyn Monroe

6. For President’s John F. Kennedy 45th birthday in 1962, who else would sing for the occasion but the beautiful Marilyn Monroe in a dress which illuminated the whole room. Designed by Jean Louis, the sheer pink dress consisted of 2500 rhinestone and remains as one of the most iconic dresses.






7. Cher was known for her extravagant outfits in the 1980s just as Lady Gaga is today. This black number designed by Bob Jackie, stood out for a decade and not really for all the right reasons.




Julia roberts in Pretty Woman

8. Every woman loves a Cinderella story, so we aren’t going to let Julia Roberts, transformed in red AND looking ravishing get out of our heads so easily. The deep red gown was designed by Marilyn Vance and made in other colors too before red was chosen.


Elizabeth hurley

9. Designed by Versace, the dress was always termed as Liz Hurley’s “that” dress due to its revealing factor. However, this did not stop the dress being one of the most iconic dresses in history and was recently worn again by Lady Gaga.


Kylie Minogue gold hotpants

10. Worn by Kylie Minogue in her musical video ‘Spinning Around’, Kylie set pulses racing. However, what makes these shorts iconic is that they were insured for £1 million while they were picked up by Kylie’s stylist William Baker for a mere 50p at the London Market.


Halle Berry

11. Halle Berry was the talk of the town with this gorgeous Elie Saab Dress that she wore to the Oscars in 2002. Embroidered in sheer lace and taffeta, this gown was the highlight of the evening.


Cameron Diaz12. Stepping out in the gold crystallized Oscar De La Renta gown for the 2010 Oscars, Cameron Diaz dazzled the red carpet with her sun kissed look. This gown made her out to be the shining star of the night, literally.


Kate Middleton Royal Wedding

13. Everyone knows the who, when, where and how. But just in case, Duchess Kate Middleton’s wedding in April 2011 to Prince William, was watched by over 2 billion people as she walked down the aisle in the gorgeous French Chantilly gown priced at £250,000 and designed by Sarah Burton of the Alexander McQueen fashion house.


stephan rolland

14. Yasmin Le Bon took the Paris Couture Fashion Week 2012 catwalk by storm as she graced the runway with a 50 kilo Stephan Rolland silk jersey gown; with help from 2 assistants who constantly walked beside her.



15. Lupita Nyong’o’s photo has graced every magazine cover during the Oscars 2014. Designed by Prada it had a soft draping and shimmering trims, which Lupita had a bit of fun twirling in!



















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