#BagThursday: The oh so famous Fendi Baguette!

side shot of Fendi Yellow Sequin and Snakeskin Baguette Bag
Introduced in 1997 by Fendi, the Baguette bag was a staple among late 90s and early 00s fashionistas. ¬†Arguably fashion’s first ‘it’ bag, the Baguette was made instantly recognizable by none other than then ‘it’ girl Carrie Bradshaw.
front shoto f Fendi Yellow Sequin and Snakeskin Baguette Bagback shot of Fendi Yellow Sequin and Snakeskin Baguette Bag
Over the years the silhouette has been trimmed, embellished, and tweaked still remaining popular and continuing to welcome well known, as well as up and coming artists to take a stab at creating their own version.
Close up shot of Fendi Yellow Sequin and Snakeskin Baguette Bag
This version of the quintessential Fendi Baguette showcases an exotic python handle and trim. I absolutely love the flashy yellow sequin twist making it the perfect summer shoulder bag.

In 2012 in celebration of the bags 15th anniversary, a book was released detailing its lifetime and now Fendi has introduced an app where the user can design their own digital version of the iconic accessory. Since its inception in the fashion world, the bag has become one of the most recognized and collected accessories over the years.

Try your hand at creating your own ‘it’ style with the myBaguette app- found here:¬†http://baguette.fendi.com/

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