A Clutch & Nothing Else

Let’s be honest, we all day dreamed about our first designer bag, from the color to the material and down to the smallest detail, but little did it ever involve a clutch. Very few fashionistas tend to see their clutch as their new “precious” to hug and hold until styles do them part.

Well I am here to tell you: Why not?


First, we have to go over the assumption that it will be impractical, too small to hold our belongings during the day and that we will even end up leaving it behind.

The key here however ladies, is perseverance, because carrying a clutch to complement your daytime outfit looks fashionable, different and minimalist. It is kind to your shoulders and neck, and it will teach you how to carry less.

The second assumption we need to go over is that matching any clutch with your shoe color is no longer enough, you need to stand out with a designer piece. As we tend to leave our clutches for evening dates or fancy parties, we do not especially want to invest money in them.

Right? …Wrong.

Your new luxury baby will cost you less than an oversized handbag, it will stand the test of “fashionable” time and you will always be able to use it for multiple occasions.

Moreover, a clutch is not only a clutch, you need to be creative: It could be a small pouch for your spacious daytime handbag, a treasure box for your jewelry when you travel or even the assigned bag inside yours for your husband’s belongings when you go out (Who never carries her husband’s wallet, phone and keys?!)

I have convinced many of my girlfriends to take on the challenge of carrying their designer clutches for a day out, even if it is just over the weekend. They all came back raving on how it felt fresh, new and luxurious.

Now it is your turn to road test the concept and I guarantee that you will be addicted to it.

I have handpicked two of our most fabulous clutches that would spruce up your outfits any day of the week.

Check them out!

Hermes Kelly Tosca Clutch


The Hermes Kelly Tosca Clutch 


Chanel Boy Flap Clutch Bag

The Chanel Boy Flap Clutch

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