5 Fashion Designers Inspired By Artists

Art as we know it provides stimulants that have the ability to change the face of the world.  And when art and fashion come together, they amount in a brilliant infusion of creative pieces.

Let’s take a look at renowned artists consisting of painters and singers that didn’t just inspire the world, but the realm of fashion designers on a magnanimous scale. More specifically, through the power fashion houses such as Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Balmain and others, as their tribute collections hit the runway successfully.


Gucci & David Bowie

Gucci Model

David Bowie: Hunky Dory

David Bowie by Gucci

David Bowie was a muse for many fashion designers who included Gucci’s Frida Giannini. Her 2006 Fall collection was inspired by Bowie’s 70’s energetic and bold style. According to Giannini, it was all about how people played with their image every time they stepped out in that era. And no one did it better than Bowie in the iconic gold suit.


Balmain & Michael Jackson

Balmain-Jacket Michael Jackson

Balmain’s designer Christophe Decarnin was inspired by Michael Jackson in almost all of his collections as the King of Pop’s style was always subtly infused in his designs. The obvious pieces were studded jackets and red leather pants. Appreciating Balmain, Jackson wore Balmain few times too.


Yves Saint Laurent & Pret Mondrian

ysl-mondrian-shift YSL

Mondrian’s style of painting has been very popular in all aspects of design. His block abstract paintings added a futuristic touch and inspired minimalism in fashion and architecture. However, Saint Laurent was one fashion house that directly paid a tribute to the artist by using the same color palette and asymmetrical patterns in their collection.


Versace & Andy Warhol

Versace versace-warhol1 Andy Warhol

Versace’s flamboyant styles and Warhol’s bright pop icon palette went hand in hand in Gianni Versace’s 1991 collection. From loud long dresses to tight jumpsuits and bags, Warhol’s pop culture images were printed all over and created a playful and daring collection for Spring.


Marc Jacobs & Donna Summers

Marc JacobsMArc Jacobs

donna-summer marc jacobs

Singer Donna Summers inspired none other than the fashion world’s legendary designer Marc Jacobs. His Spring Summer 2011 collection consisted of bright, fringed and embellished outfits with soft flows and draping that envisioned the disco queen.


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