Why The Classic Chanel Flap Bag Is An Investment

If you have invested in a classic Chanel flap bag, you should congratulate yourself.

Chanel Silver Lambskin Classic Maxi Flap
Chanel Silver Lambskin Classic Maxi Flap


Not only is the bag a classic style that takes you from work to party on any given season, but the classic flap keeps rising in value at a speed that must keep other luxury goods company’s R&D teams busy, wondering how they can invent a best seller like it. The price of the classic Chanel flap has increased steadily. Can you think of any other product in the same industry that has doubled in price in just a few years? The latest price increase on Chanel classic flaps will come in to effect on the 1st  ofOctober 2014, as told to us by the Chanel store in the Mall of Emirates in Dubai. If you want one, you better be ready to put down more than 25,000 dirhams for the smallest one. The larger sizes will be around 30000 dirhams.

Chanel Turquoise Lambskin Classic Large Flap Bag

Chanel Turquoise Lambskin Classic Large Flap Bag


Given those prices, it seems like buying a pre-owned authentic Chanel Flap makes more sense than ever. Your saving is bigger than ever before and the re-sale value keeps going up and up. Not many people can spend 30,000 dirhams on a bag.  Therefore, a price tag of 6000-20000 dirhams on a preowned Chanel flap makes you an investor, literally. You are paying well below retail and you get the exact real you wanted. Wait a year or two, and your bag will be worth more than what you paid for it. The beauty in the Middle-Eastern market is that people rotate their bags and places like The Luxury Closet end up getting hardly used investment bags like classic Chanel flaps fairly often.

Chanel Classic Pink Caviar Medium Flap Bag

Chanel Classic Pink Caviar Medium Flap Bag


Luxury handbag should be seen as an investment, which can increase in value over the years due to sold out retail shelves, retail price increases and growth in luxury goods demand. There are more and more middle class consumers globally wanting to buy high end items which also enables luxury houses to raise their prices and to increase the brand equity as the demand does not seem to be slowing down. Chanel flaps are not showing any decrease in desirability and the style has been tried and tested over the years to be one of the most wanted bags worldwide. Add functionality, quality and beauty in the equation and you have a winner on your shoulder.
It is always best to invest into something that holds its value when it comes to buying luxury goods. Preowned Chanel flaps are great investments that not only hold but can also increase their value..

You can freely tell this to your significant other when you take the plunge with any of these Chanel flaps the Luxury Closet has in stock! I am wanting the Rouge Fonce Maxi Classic Flap immediately!



Chanel Rouge Fonce Maxi Classic Flap Bag


Annuska Arponen

Preowned Luxury Goods Expert and Investor (The Luxury Closet Client)

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