Letters to Santa: The Clothing Wishlist

With Christmas around the corner, The Luxury Closet wishlist is growing longer by the day! This week I would like to share my wishlist of pieces I have been coveting since ages- however until I can have them all, I will have to make do with some green iced macaroons.


Marchesa Strapless Embellished Ball Gown

I have been in love with this dress since it was first delivered to the Luxury Closet and, true to its title, this Marchesa is as embellished as it can get. What is really attractive about this gown is the ombre effect and the delicate sequins and beads that reflect on the tulle layered skirt, making it look classy yet gorgeous enough to light up the room. Find out more about this dress >>



Alexander McQueen Agate Print Silk-Satin Bustier Dress

Made from pure silk and dyed with the agate crystallized print, this particular collection of Alexander McQueen was hugely coveted by the celebrities. It is a personal favorite of mine because of the cool hues and soft fabric that flows smoothly. Its definitely one of the top outfits on my list. Get a closer look >>



Stella McCartney Red Circle Fitzroy Dress

Worn by Nicole Kidman, Meghan Markle of Suits, and many others, this dress has me mesmerized by its curvilinear embroidery and colorful digital print. The hemline is especially beautiful as it’s curved in and forms an optical illusion. Get this beauty   here >>



christian-dior-smart-sleeves-jacket-lc-61282-185022-1Christian Dior Short Sleeve Jacket

Pieces created by the artisans of Christian Dior are a must have for everyone, but this particular jacket by the fashion house is something I would love to have due to its haute couture style tailoring. It forms the perfect silhouette and is a wardrobe staple that can be worn anytime of the day with the right accessories. Check it out >>


Tough there are so many more outfits I would like to add to my list, I’m afraid the list is going to be never ending and I will require a serious expansion for my closet. So trying to be less desirous and more merry, I will keep it at this and can only hope to find these pieces under our Luxury Closet Christmas tree very soon!

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