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That’s right! Not every Hermes bag is a Birkin, folks! In fact, there are few designs, in the world of handbags, which we can liken to such perfection, but the Hermes Kelly just happens to be one of them. Formerly known as the Sac à Dépêches and originally created in 1936, the bag wasn’t popularised until 1956 when Monégasque princess, Hermes muse and handbag namesake, Grace Kelly, used the bag to shield her then secret baby bump from the paparazzi. And since, Hermès has been credited with kicking off the craze for naming handbag styles after celebrities.Princess-Grace-Kelly-BagSo what is it about these Hermes must-haves that makes them so sought after? Due to the labor-intensive nature of Hermès production methods and the use of rare materials, which sometimes include exotic skins as well as precious stone and metals, one bag can take up to 24 hours to painstakingly create. For example, the Kelly bag requires 18 hours of work by a single artisan. From alligator from Florida and buffalo from Pakistan to crocodile from Australia, shark from Thailand and lizard from Malaysia, Hermes leathers are sourced from all over the world. The bag is handstiched, and thus an iconic creation is born! Screen shot 2015-04-16 at 12.01.45 Screen shot 2015-04-16 at 12.02.47


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Images: Purse Blog, The Bag Ateur, Hadveo, Beyond Grace Kelly




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