Bag Thursday: Rock the Croc

The 61st anniversary of the House of Dior celebrating with the release of one their most famed bags, the Dior 61. The pear shaped body, rounded metal handles and silver Dior charms make for one of the French fashion house’s signature silhouettes.

But this is no ordinary hobo, and nor does ‘limited edition’ quite cover it, this bag boasts only 30 replicas in the world, and The Luxury Closet happens to hold the only one across the whole of Dubai. Why? Well, one look at the shiny matt black skin will tell you! Crafted from the belly of a crocodile – which, we hasten to add, was done in a totally humane way, and we have the papers to prove it – the stomach makes for aesthetically pleasing oversized scales, with a tough texture, meaning the bag is protected from scratches. The crocodiles from the River Nile grow up to five metres, making the precious skin one of the most sought after and collectable bags ever.

If collecting handbags, when done well, can be considered an art form, then John Galliano has created a master piece.


Shop the Dior Black Crocodile 61 Hobo at The Luxury Closet

dior 61


Images: The Luxury Closet, Michele Filomeno

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