Which Star Sign Are You? Discover Charlotte Olympia’s Cosmic Collection

You can tell a lot about a woman by the shoes she wears – true or false? Well, thanks to the wonderful-ness that is Charlottle Olympia’s imagination, then the answer would most certainly be true. You can now celebrate your star sign with covetable zodiac-inspired slippers! “I’ve always had a thing for all things mystical,” says designer Charlotte Dellal. “I don’t live by astrology but I do love to know other people’s signs; I’m quite good at guessing.”

“I’m a Gemini and they’re supposed to be youthful and witty which is something I try to apply to my work—I enjoy a good giggle! However I much relate to the indecisiveness, and I’m often of two minds about something,” Charlotte says. “Usually I like my own sign best, but this collection makes it really hard to pick favourites.”

Adorned with jewel-like zodiac charms, The Luxury Closet officially has all of the twelve suede slip-ons! And should you choose to accessorize your birth chart further, each shoe boasts a colourful corresponding box clutch.

But that’s not all, we’re giving each lucky buyer a super special summer treat: with every pair of zodiac pumps you purchase, you will also get a Charlotte Olympia nail wrap kit…FOR FREE!

Form an orderly queue, ladies…


Shop Charlotte Olympia Zodiac Pumps at The Luxury Closet


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