10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Louis Vuitton



The multi-coloured monogram canvas uses 33 different silkscreens and was  made by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami.



louis-vuitton-hoxton-gm-damier-ebene-canvas-handbags--N41253_PM2_Front view



The Damier canvas was created before the Louis Vuitton Initials canvas.





The Alma was originally custom designed for Coco Chanel herself. It was found in one of her private collections after she died. The bag is said to have been created in 1923, not 1930’s as is typically believed.







The Speedy, launched in 1930, was also originally designed for Audrey Hepburn.






The tan leather used alongside the monogram is all natural and contains no dye or chemical colouring, which is why is darkens over time.






The Epi canvas was custom made for the Maharaja of Baroda, India in 1923. They made him a leather tea set.




1569FB52Each numbered lock has a matching key of the same number. So if you have a key with the number ‘301’, you’ll be able to unlock any Louis Vuitton bag with a number 301 lock. Because of this design put in place, if you ever loose a lock or key, any Louis Vuitton store has an exact replica which will work on your bag.



Louis Vuitton and his son George Vuitton were so sure of their lock, they challenged worldwide magician Houdini to a perform public escape. Sadly, Houdini didn’t agree.







Just one strap on the Neverfull can hold 200kg without breaking.






As of 2013, Louis Vuitton had been mentioned 19 times in songs by rapper Kanye West!

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