Our Top Tips to Help You Spot a Fake Louis Vuitton Bag

We are passionate about preventing counterfeit goods from entering the market, and more importantly, The Luxury Closet. Our experts, with the most well-trained eyes, are put in place to ensure this doesn’t happen. Here are our top five tips to help you spot a fake Louis Vuitton bag


 1. The overall design on the exterior…

  • On the Damier bags, there are only 8 Louis Vuitton marks on the dark brown checkboard square.
  • The stitches on the sides of the bag are in light color thread.
  • Multicolor, Cherry Blossom, and Cerises designs are not available in all bag styles.
  • The ‘LV’ on the monogram bags are always lined up and proportional to the other side of the bag. The letters are also clearly printed in gold with brown lines through the LV.

spot a fake louis vuitton bag2. The hardware…

  • The Louis Vuitton mark on the hardware is detailed and finely embossed. Fake ones tend to be thick.
  • The hardware of counterfeit products are normally very shiny
  • Louis Vuitton uses brass and gold metal hardware, not gold painted plastic.
  • Most zippers have “Louis Vuitton” neatly imprinted.

spot a fake louis vuitton bag

3. The leather…

  • Louis Vuitton uses oxidizing natural cowhide leather that turns a dark golden honey color over time.
  • Be wary of bags that have plastic wrapped around the handles, as the oxidizing natural cowhide leather does not need this protective plastic.

4. The lining….LV V-stitches

  • The heat stamp inside the bag, “LOUIS VUITTON PARIS made in
    France” must be in 3 lines. And there should be an R in a circle on top of the “LOUIS VUITTON.” (Originally, authentic Louis Vuitton bags were only made in France. For the past several decades, however, the company has also produced bags in the United States, Spain, Germany, and Italy.)
  • Most counterfeits use cheap plastic or suede to line their bags. A real bag may be lined with a variety of textiles, depending on the specific design, but most are lined with canvas, fine micro monogram textile, cross-grain leather, polyester, or microfiber suede.
  • The stitching should be perfect.

spot a fake louis vuitton bag

5. Serial numbers and date codes….

  • Most date codes are a combination of letters and numbers. The letters indicated the country in which the item was made while the numbers indicate the month/year of the production date.
  • Each numbered lock has a matching key of the same number. So if you have a key with the number ’301′, you’ll be able to unlock any Louis Vuitton bag with a number 301 lock. Because of this design put in place, if you ever loose a lock or key, any Louis Vuitton store has an exact replica which will work on your bag.

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