16 Times Gisele Bündchen Owned a Front Cover

Happy Birthday Gisele!

As the highest earning model in the world turns 34th today, we celebrate by taking a look back at all her covers that made us 50% want to dye our hair and move to Brazil and 50% green with envy.

The model’s most recent cover, looking red hot in the June issue of Vogue Portugal.




That time Gisele made us want to spray our house with graffiti…




Because who else would you have on the front of a “shape issue”…




That time Gisele reinstated Sandy from Grease as our modern day beauty icon…




That time Gisele made us appreciate a good pun….




That time Gisele rocked bed head and lived in liner better than a real rockstar…




Because, George Clooney…



That time Gisele made us all want freckles…




That time nailed 60’s style beauty better than the actual models of the 60’s…Gisele-Bundchen



That time Gisele made tights cool…  GiseleBndchenbyNinoMuozElleBrazilMay2011



That time we had major hair envy…





That time Gisele made us want to buy a something with black feathers…

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