10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Rolex

  1. rolex-women-perpetual-date-just-lc-100559-346930-13198aAll the watches are hand made. A common misconception is that machines build Rolexes. But the truth is that Rolex watches are given all the hands-on human attention that you’d like to expect such a sought after brand.
  2. On that note, it takes about one year to make a Rolex watch. 
  3. There is no meaning behind the word “Rolex”. Despite the ongoing myth that “Rolex” comes from the French phrase “horlogerie exquise” – which means “exquisite clockwork”, the founder and German watchmaker Hans Wilsdorf wanted a word that was short, looked good on a watch face and that could be pronounced in any language.
  4. Rolex use the most expensive stainless steel in the world, also known as 904L. While all other high-end watch brands have adopted a stainless steel grade known as 316L into their designs, since 2003, Rolex has been using this more expensive and much stronger grade. What does this mean for Rolex watch-wearers? The swiss brand had better resistance to corrosion from salty seawater, and they also hold their polish much better than standard steel watches.
  5. rolex-daytona-M890244-8aRolex headquarters is more secure than a maximum security prison. We’re talking fingerprint scans for all its employees, bank vault doors, iris scanners that identify you via your eyes and unmarked armoured trucks to move Rolex parts from location to location.
  6. The brand originated in London. Yes, it may be known as the king of all Swiss watchmakers, but it was originally founded by two brothers-in-law (Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis) in London in 1905. They later relocated the brand to Geneva, Switzerland in 1919 due to wartime taxes levied on luxury imports.
  7. Rolex created the first waterproof wrist watch, built in 1926. 
  8. Subsequently, Rolex also revolutionised “water resistant” watches. Thanks to the 1953 Submariner.
  9. And since then, each Rolex watch is pressure tested before it leaves the factory. Always at the forefront of water resistant technology, involves a multitude of steps with increasing levels of pressure being placed on the watch. If there is any water infiltration or condensation whatsoever found on the watch, it is scrapped.
  10. A Rolex watch helped the rolex-daytona-lc-100559-346928-13152apolice solve a murder. Firstly, the authorities could track down its owner, thanks to the Rolex’s special servicing markings. And secondly, the watch had stopped winding, of course, when the man died, so they counted back from the 40 hour power reserve and found the time of death.

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