Amal Shine, Style Icon of the Month!

Amal Salameh – better known as Amal Shine, is a 29-year old corporate professional and a fashion/digital influencer around the clock. Her sartorial credentials boast a Grazia Style Award for Style Hunter of the Year, recognising her as the best street style star in the UAE during 2015! Between her corporate life and appearance at flashy events, Amal is currently honing her fashion skills, and working on a “How-to-Shine” style guide (watch this space!). A social media maven, this Abu Dhabi-based fashionista gives her followers a glimpse into her life on Instagram and Snapchat (@amalshine).

Look 1:

My style is upbeat and whimsical – I’m definitely no plain Jane! My style icon is Miroslava Duma, and who can blame me?

Look 2:

 I decided to work with Luxury Closet to bring more awareness on pre-owned designer goods – whether they’re from vintage era or from last year’s collection, if it is in good condition, and from a trusted source, it’s a total score! And just seeing how they handle the items (using gloves to touch any jewellery or watch), shows how much they care about the items, and how they strive to keep them in great condition.

Look 3:

My favourite piece from the shoot are the Chanel monochrome patent oxford pumps – they top of my lust list! But this season I am seriously loving culottes and box-shaped bags. I’ll also be looking out for Bvlgari serprenti watches on Luxury Closet from now on!

Look 4:

My biggest fashion faux pas is when people feel the need to follow trends and stick to them! It’s not the end of your life if you don’t follow a trend… Trust me…

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