8 Facts About Christian Dior

1-christian-dior-sketches1-600x600With the Dior show in Dubai making haute headlines, we’ve decided to look back to where it all began for the master of shapes and silhouettes, with 10 facts that might just surprise you…


 1. His parents wanted him to be a diplomat…

Like many others, Christian Dior’s parents had high hopes for the French fashion designer, which involved absolutely nothing about fashion. His parents, Maurice and Françoise, wanted him to join the French diplomatic service, so he enrolled at Ecole des Sciences Politiques from the 1920 to 1925, selling fashion sketches on the side to make money. But, lucky for us, Dior had other plans – he wanted to follow his artistic side and began by selling his own sketches on the street, for pocket money.1-christian-dior-sketches-600x600


2. He was very superstitious…

You may not have noticed, but thanks to his superstitious mind, Dior always included a garment in every collection named after his home town of Grandville, and in every one of his shows, at least one model had to carry a bunch of white lilies. His favourite flower was Lily of the Valley, and sometimes he would sew them into the hems of his models’ dresses before a show for good luck.


3. And also believed in destiny… 

Influenced by his maternal grandmother, he was drawn to fortune tellers from the age of 14 and would rely on them throughout his life.


4. He used to sell Pablo Picasso’s work…

Due to his artistically inclined mind, Dior took over a small art gallery which his father bought for him, where he and a friend sold work by artists including Pablo Picasso.3-picasso-600x600


5. He was 30 years old when he launched his first fragrance…

It was 1947 and he titled it the same as his first clothing collection: New Look.



6. He once employed Yves Saint Laurent…
Yes, you read that right! Christian Dior employed Yves Saint Laurent as a design assistant, when he was just 19 years old. And when Dior passed away suddenly in 1957, his 21-year-old assistant YSL, took over as head designer.


7-Yves-saint-laurent-christian-dior-600x6007. He launched his first men’s cologne in 1988

It’s called Fahrenheit Cologne, which is still very popular even today.


8.  Diorissimo perfume was the most expensive exported perfume ever.


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Images: The Zoe Report 

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