Bag Thursday: I Predict a Riot

Fendi_008_1366.1366x2048 Fendi_009_1366.1366x2048It’s a funny thing, when street art meets luxury fashion. The two look sound like they should never work together; an art form found in alley ways adorned on Rue Cambon’s most expensive handbags? Doesn’t sound right, we know. But then again, the use of bold colours, larger-than-life imagery and mural-like techniques in fashion frequently serves to attract the industries modern audience, so where has graffiti come into play?

City-based urban masterminds have a knack for showcasing their work on surfaces (and in locations) that wouldn’t otherwise catch your eye, and have made it a thing – I mean, who hasn’t heard of Banksy?But these artists are now aiming their spray cans a little closer to home – your closet. First stop: the catwalk. fendi_resort_collection_2015_handbags_fendi_resort_collection_2015_handbags_go_printed_shopping_news_shopping_bag_handbagcom-1

Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton and Chanel are just a few of fashion’s household names that have taken their paint brushes to their collections, and presented this season’s ultimate art attack. Fendi’s 2015 Resort collection was awash with these punk-inspired, painterly prints.

It’s time to embrace fashion’s edgy new aesthetics and rebel in the most sartorial way possible.

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Images: Vogue.com


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