Accessory Update: Charmed, I’m Sure

Blame it on Karlito, the limited-edition, fur pom-pom, in the likeness of Karl Lagerfeld, Fendi’s designer of fur and ready-to-wear since 1965. The waitlist for the minature masoct opened in June 2014, and saw more than 600 people immediately sign up to jump on board the current frenzy to clip a fab little friend to your bag. Since, designers have charmed their way into our hearts, from Alexander McQueen’s spooky skeletons to Moschino’s retro tapes creating trinkets that look more high fashion than junior high.

So if you like it’s time to put a a (key) ring on it!

Shop the charm trend now > 

Image: Fionnac.com

Milli Midwood

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Milli is a fashion blogger, tea drinker and sun worshiper, who has called Dubai her home for the last 24 years. Likes dog videos, free WiFi, Gucci and hashtags because they look like waffles.

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