Exclusive Interview: Lady Fozaza on the Dubai World Cup

For the fourth year in a row Alanoud Badr, aka Lady Fozaza, will be at the helm of the judging panel at the Dubai World Cup. We caught up with the internationally acclaimed designer (who boasts a celeb fan base including names like Kimmy K), to find out all her top tips on race ready fashion…



1.Tala-Samman-DWC-9826You’ve been judging the Jaguar Style Stakes for a few years now. What is the biggest change you’ve noticed in the fashion at the races over the last few years?
The biggest difference is that, each year, contestants become bigger risk takers – which I personally love. There are so many different personalities exhibited through the use of clothes and accessories. With every year the hats also become more extravagant, which is a lot of fun to see as a judge.


What sort of trends are you expecting to see at the races this year?
I will be on the lookout for something more ‘out of the box’ – a little more refreshing than your average races dress, so I’m really looking forward to seeing some fabulous jumpsuits. I also hope to see a few sequins, which is becoming a growing trend in fashion weeks and on the red carpet.


What is the craziest outfit or hat you’ve ever seen at the races?
The hats are always the craziest part, people get so creative. We’ve seen everything from Burj Khalifa to a hat made from a large rotation of images!1.Natalia-Shushtova-DWC-9767


 What is the biggest fashion faux pas you see at the races?
People take matching too seriously. I personally hate seeing outfits in one full color or pattern! Fashion is all about mixing patterns, colors, cuts and styles to form a unique yet harmonious look. But I also think that people can over do it; just pick something and let that be the focal point! If you’re going for a statement hat, opt for a subtle dress so as not to draw attention from it, and vice versa.


When it comes to couples, what you think about matching outfits?
I do not believe a couple should match their outfits from head to toe. I do, however, think that a small element from one or the other should be present in both to tie the two together – it could be anything from the tie to the shoes.


Which luxury designers do you think make perfect dresses for the races?
I love the elegance and structure of a Victoria Beckham or Roland Mouret. Carolina Herrera and a timeless wrap dress from DVF are also a perfect option for the World Cup.


Which designers should people turn to for the prefect pair of shoes for the races?
I believe the shoes you choose should be comfortable and shouldn’t overpower the dress or the hat. For this I love Schutz, Saint Laurent and Gianvito Rossi.


What do the judges like to see in terms of jewellery?
Less is more! Respect the cut of the dress or suit. Also try not to wear sets – choose either striking earrings or an eye-catching necklace, but never both!


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Images: Emirates Woman, Dubai World Cup

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