Bag Thursday: Pretty in Pink

From the functionality to the aesthetic, Gucci’s Swing tote boasts a classic style that’s perfect for the modern woman. The working woman’s wardrobe doesn’t see shocking and innovative textures, or shapes, but a more polished feel, which is why the Gucci Swing tote is perfect. This season is also about space. Spacious bags are also there for all those ladies who can’t go out without carrying a huge amount of personal belongings with them. The top handle is also a ladylike winner this season.

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pink fashion trend

  1. Elie Saab Blush Pink Lace Insert Sleeveless Top S
  2. J.O. Perrin 18K White Gold Charms Bracelet
  3. Tiffany & Co. Legacy Diamonds and Pink Sapphires Platinum Band Ring Size 51
  4. Elie Saab White Lace-Detailed Shorts M
  5. Gucci Fuchsia Leather Small Swing Tote
  6. Dior Blush Pink Leather Sublime Pumps Size 39.5
Milli Midwood

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