5 Pairs of Iconic Shoes Every Woman Should Own

There have been many iconic shoes to choose from over the years, made famous by celebrated individuals and the mass market alike.  Here we have wrapped up our top five, that we believe every woman should own.

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Manolo Blahniks

Manolo Blahnik is regarded as one of the most iconic shoe designers of all time.  Arguably made so popular by one Miss Carrie Bradshaw from HBO’s Sex and The City.  Other advocates of the Blahnik brand include Vogue’s editor and chief Anna Wintour, Michelle Obama, Beyonce and Rihanna.  With the brand’s expert craftsmanship and all of these celebrity endorsements, it is no surprise that a pair of Manolos comes with a luxury price tag and TLC currently has pairs in stock up to 86% off.



Valentino Rockstuds

Although Valentino is iconic as a brand, it cannot be denied that the Rockstud collection really took footwear by storm.  It’s no surprise then, that these shoes come in every colour, design and heel height as celebrities and fashionistas alike just have to have every variation!  The elegant yet edgy demeanor of these shoes makes for the perfect street style look.  Pair these bad boys with ripped jeans and a t-shirt for the casual look, or dress up in something satin.  These flawless caged pumps are versatile, timeless and even easy to walk in!


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Christian Louboutins

Perhaps the most iconic of the shoe empires, Christian Louboutin and his signature red soles will forever be a symbol of luxury and success.  Inspired by the red nail varnish of Christian’s workforce, these shoes are suited to all occasions.  So whether you’re a sky high Daf, So Kate or a classic Pigalle, there’s something for everyone.


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Jimmy Choos

Another true artist in the shoe world; Jimmy Choo is an institution.  No luxury closet is complete without a pair of Choo’s for your feet.  Worn by everyone from Lady Diana in 1997 to Jennifer Lawrence in 2013, these classic shoes come in all shapes and sizes.  Perfect for any occasion.


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Giuseppe Zanottis

A pair of Zanotti’s are for the woman who loves a bit of class, with a quirky flair.  Never will you find a boring shoe from this man.  The intricacy of designs are what intrigues us and has earned him a place on this list.  The artistry behind each shoe is apparent in the final product and interestingly each design is first sketched by hand, before manufacture.  The finest in Italian craftsmanship also means that these designs are brought to life by the best of the best.

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