The Biggest Fine Jewelry Trends For 2017

It is this time of the year that makes us feel so much more connected to fashion: trend pages in the glossies, the color of the year, Instagram captures by @SuzyMenkesVogue, and snap chats from fashion centers across the globe, which all add to the visual debate and dialogue of connoisseurs like Tim Blanks, who tells us what’s in store for the year. The idea of reading trends is fairly simple: you read, you spot and you adapt. While fine jewelry is a beast of its own as a category, we fine tune what happened on the runways, to bring you the fine jewelry trends for 2017.

Pearls of Joy

King Karl took Coco’s quote quite literally on the runway – and yes there were ropes and ropes of pearls. The fine jewelry direction is to choose pearls set in gold.

Enamel Statement Pieces

The enamel technique is intrinsic to fine jewelry. Enamel is a layer of pure color on a surface and requires high-level skill sets to craft. Ranging from pins and charms to earrings and bracelets, enamel jewelry is going to be a prominent trend.

Art Deco in 2017

Art Deco principles still make sense in 2017, whether you choose to flaunt the Bijou tiers-artistes creations, which emphasize design over intrinsic value, using gemstones in a sculptural way by carving them into various geometric artworks, and using diamonds and other faceted gems as punctuation rather than the main focus. While the Bijou tiers-joailliers uses caliber-cut precious gemstones to accent and enhances their geometric creations outlining designs and flanking rows of diamonds.


You will find a lot of designers looking out for natural inspirations and by that we mean simple rendering the star, the moon, and flowers. Asymmetrical shapes interestingly and elegantly explore both sides of nature, expand on design possibilities of the jewelry.


Organic, classic and gem-free gold jewelry is going to be ‘in’ this season. Solid gold and chunky pieces are what you must invest in.

Style tip- Stack! Stack! Stack! rings, earrings, and necklaces stack them well! Make the most of it with these trend directions and let us know which of the featured creations struck a chord!

Swati Rao

Fashion Content Editor

A life-long learner is what defines Swati! A teacher at heart, workaholic by nature and gymaholic by action. She wants to be a Suzy Menkes someday and aspires to have her own fashion courses online. A stern believer in the concept of sustainability, she can upcycle a potential landfill object into a useful one!

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