How to Spot a Fake Chanel Flap Bag

Planning to own a Chanel? With impeccable design, rich leather, and flawless style, Chanel bags are the most coveted pieces in women’s handbags.

The most distinctive feature of the Chanel Flap Bag is the tufted diamond design that sits beautifully on the leather surface. Even the chain strap stands out among most bags as it has a unique chain link design that’s intertwined with leather. However, like most top brands, Chanel has also been a victim of counterfeiting. From undetectable replicas to rather obvious ones, it’s easy to get stuck with a fake Chanel Flap bag!

To avoid wasting your precious money on a replica, you need to determine if your Chanel Flap Bag is real or not. Here are 11 ways to spot a fake Chanel Flap bag:

1. The Chanel CC Lock

Undoubtedly the most unique feature, the Chanel lock, is what brings a stunning look to this bag. The CC lock is a great way to determine if the bag is real or not. The right C must always overlap on the top while the bottom C must always underlap on the bottom. If you notice any discrepancies, the bag is definitely a replica. You’ll also notice that a real Chanel bag has the CC lock centered whereas replicas tend to place the lock a little to the side. Even the finish on the lock plays a major role in figuring out if the bag is authentic.

The real Chanel bag will have a flat edge finish as opposed to the rounded finish on a replica. If you look behind the hardware on the CC lock, you’ll notice lettering. The lock will have two screws on either side with “Chanel” on the left and “Paris” embossed on the right.

2. Serial Number and Authenticity Card

Chanel bag with the authenticity card.

The serial numbers on a Chanel Flap bag indicate the bag model and year of manufacture. You can determine if the Chanel Flap bag is authentic is by cross-checking the serial number on the bag with the serial number on the authenticity card. The serial number should match the serial number which appears on a sticker placed somewhere within the handbag’s interior lining.

The authenticity card has a gold foil border which reflects in comparison to the authenticity card. In case of a fake, you’ll see a rainbow colored reflection.

3. Chain Strap

fake chanel flap bagOne of the most unique features of the Chanel Flap bag is the chain link strap. To know if your bag is the real deal, the part where the chain breaks should be well hidden. Bags made before 2008 should not have stitching in the leather or interwoven in the chain at all. For bags after 2008, stitching on the interwoven leather in the chains will only be on one side.

4. Leather Material

Feeling the grain of the leather on an authentic Chanel Flap bag is another way to figure out if the bag is real or not. If you feel the lovely embossed pebbled caviar, your bag is real.

5. Quilting Pattern

The quilting pattern is the best feature of the Chanel Flap bag. This design is what makes the bag so desirable. An authentic Chanel bag will have consistent diamond stitching whereas a replica will have certain discrepancies.

6. Lining of the Bag

One of the easiest ways to spot a real Chanel Flap bag is by paying close attention to the lining of the bag. An authentic Chanel bag will have snug lining that fits comfortably inside the bag without any bumps, whereas the replica will have loose lining that can be separated from the bag.

7. The Stamp

Another great way to know if your Chanel Flap bag is real is by checking the stamping on the bag. The color of the “Chanel” stamping inside the bag should match the color of the hardware on the bag.

8. Overall quality

Sturdier, structured, and seamless design is what makes an authentic Chanel Flap bag stand out from a real one. When you compare a replica to the real bag, you’ll notice the obvious differences.
Now that you know how to spot a real Chanel Flap bag, go ahead and purchase one! If you’re buying your Chanel bag at the store, get a close up look at the bag. If you’re buying it online, make sure you know the online shopping site sells authentic bags. Follow this quick and easy 11-step guide and make sure you look for everything on the checklist before you purchase your Chanel Flap bag. The Luxury Closet has a wide collection of women’s bags authenticated by experts. Find your next Chanel bag here.

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