Iconic Louis Vuitton Handbag Prices

A legacy that broke trends in the fashion world that started 163 years ago, Louis Vuitton is truly the most iconic fashion brand because of their designs that can stand the test of time and changing fashion. If there is one brand that has lived up to the expectations of people all over the world, it is Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton was once the official box maker for the French Emperor Napoleon’s wife. The first trendsetting trunks from LV were introduced in the 1850’s. Till date, every bag released by the brand continues to carry that signature perfection in style, balanced perfectly with contemporary elements to suit today’s fashionistas. While every bag from LV has won our hearts, here are the most popular bags that have left a lasting impact in the world of fashion.

Let’s have a look at average LV bag prices. How much do you really need to shell out to get your dream bag in your closet?

1. LV Speedy bag – a “keep” all bag that is a wardrobe staple

Can’t start the list without the bag on every women’s handbag must-have list. It has style and comfort packed in a compact looking yet surprisingly spacious body. The average price of Speedy is in the $550 to $650 range, this is one of the most affordable designer bags, and is also impressively durable for an everyday bag.

Keepall bags from the brand were doing the rounds in the market. They were stylish and yet practical for travel. When Audrey Hepburn spoke to Louis Vuitton about a bag that could be as trendy as the Keepall and yet available in a smaller size to make it perfect to carry every day, the Speedy bag was born. Though monogram canvas has been the most popular choice in Speedy bags, there are prints, patterns and materials to suit everyone. You could even find some of the most exotic limited edition products which can stand out in the crowd. Available at hard to resist prices, buy yourself a companion for years here. And if you do want to sell it, you could still make a great deal as the bag’s prices have only increased in the last few years and will always be a good return to your investment.

Louis Vuitton prices

2. LV Alma bag – silhouette says it all

If you are looking for something elegant trendy, and chic, here is a bag that fits all. Coming from a lineage of bags that have been popular for over a century, the LV alma bag is a piece of structured sophistication that is available in the peppiest colors and classiest materials. Available in Damier, Epi leather, Monogram Vernis and more, this bag can be found priced around $850. It is a design that is said to have been originally customized for Coco Chanel. The name of the bag however is from the Alma Bridge. It is not just a purchase but an investment that goes a long way.

Louis Vuitton prices

3. LV Artsy bag – a hobo revamped for today’s fashion divas

A refined version of the ever-fashionable hobo bags, the elegant slouchy silhouette with the signature LV style is what makes it a favorite. It doesn’t simply look great but also comes with a roomy compartment to carry all your daily essentials in style and a convenient short, handcrafted rolled leather handle that rests on your hand comfortably. Priced close to $1200, this is a bag that you would never regret buying. Available colors include Dune, Noir and you get to choose from Monogram canvas, Damier Azur canvas and Monogram Empreinte leather variants to suit your personal style. Shop from a variety of artsy bags here.

4. Neverfull bag – a celebrity favorite tote

Are you looking for a bag that you could carry all day, anywhere and one that you would never get bored of? Look no further than the Neverfull bag. The flexible form factor of the bag results in its extra-spacious interiors. No matter which variant you choose you can be sure that the $800 to $900 you spend for the bag would be an investment that lasts for years.
This is a practically indestructible bag that is also perpetual in its style. So, its resale value is also going to rise giving good returns to your investment. There is hardly a celebrity who doesn’t own the Neverfull. If you are looking for something eye-catching, check out the limited-edition range from the Neverfull here.

Louis Vuitton prices

That sums up our sneak peek into LV bag prices! Now you know how much you have to spend to own a LV bag,  and how much could you make if you have it in your closet already!

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