11 Tips to Spot a Fake Louis Vuitton Bag

So, you’ve decided to purchase an exquisite and expensive fashion accessory, a Louis Vuitton bag. You want to be sure if you’re investing in the real deal, right? Fret not, all you need to do is look through all the details carefully and ensure you aren’t swayed due to untrue claims.

Simple steps such as examining the appearance or the quality of the bag can help you spot a fake Louis Vuitton bag. As experts would suggest, researching the product before investing in it is the first step toward buying an authentic product.

11. Stitches

A counterfeit bag has sloppy stitches and a lower SPI or number of stitches for every inch on the seam. The higher the SPI, the greater the seam strength, which proves the authenticity of the product.

Tip: If you are shopping for a limited-edition Louis Vuitton bag in stores or online, ensure you take a closer look at the product at hand or the photographs of the stitching details. The stitch should be even and perfect.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull
Stitch Details

10. Seller

The biggest piece of the puzzle is how well you know the LV sellers and what reputation precedes them. Researching the seller is the main step when it comes to determining the authenticity of the product, especially when purchased online. It is best to stay away from sellers who don’t provide a return policy. Reading between the lines has never been more important as it has been while choosing a genuine Louis Vuitton bag.

Seller guarantee: some sellers have a team who authenticate the genuineness of the product before shipping. This is surely a plus.

9. Tilted Patterns

Louis Vuitton’s women’s handbags and clutches have even patterns that are extremely proportionate and well matched.

Tip: A possible fake product can be identified when the pattern doesn’t match up evenly.

8. Logo

As much as the bags look charming and add the oomph factor to your look, most authentic items have upside-down LVs on the back. Since the bag is cut from a single, continuous, seamless leather piece, the design wraps all around.

Tip: This can be seen in the Keepalls, and Speedy styles

7. Interior Lining

The brand is known to utilise a myriad of textiles to help line the clutches and bags. The house of Louis Vuitton ensures complete attention to interior detailing. Be it micro-monogram textile, canvas, honey or red lining, multi-toned polyester, cross-grain leather or even microfiber suede, they have it all under check. The knock-offs are lined with cheap tan plastic or brown suede.

Tip: Check the zippers, with imprinted Louis Vuitton logo on the pull

Louis Vuitton Interior Stitching

6. Tags

Although every LV bag or accessory is different, the similarities between them can help you spot a fake Louis Vuitton bag. Official Louis Vuitton products do not come with attached tags. The brand ensures that every little detail of its product is designed and made from quality material that reflects instant value and status. Instead, the tags are separate and slipped in one of the pockets of the product.

Tip: If you notice a withered or cheap looking tag hanging by string, you have solved another part of the puzzle.

5. Handles

The natural oxidizing cowhide leather used in Louis Vuitton women’s accessories does not need any protective layering unlike the plastic-protected handles of fake bags.

4. Metal Clasps

Checking the clasps and hardware used can help detect the authenticity of LV women’s evening bags and other products. Legitimate bags make use of gold or brass metal, while the knock-offs use gold paint layered plastic.

Tip: Observe how precise and clean the imprints on the hardware are, indicating the originality of the product.

3. ‘Made In’ Label and the Date Code

Originally, the LV bags were made in France. They are now manufactured in Germany, Spain, United States of America and Italy too. Majority of these bags were made after the 1980s and stamped with production codes. Ever since the 1990s, the production codes have two letters trailed by four numbers.

Tip: The date code is located under the D-ring and is a major indicator of distinguishing between an original and a fake Louis Vuitton product.

Spot A Fake Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton Date Code

2. Trademark

While investing in a trademark Louis Vuitton monogrammed bag, ensure the letters are printed in gold tone with brown lines passing through the LV.

Tip: Solid coloured monograms or green tinted ones are best avoided purchases.

1. Stamp

An important sign of quality and authentication is the main brand stamp which allows you to determine the originality of the bag or other products such as women’s belts and men’s belts. The short tail on the ‘L’, the rounded ‘O’ that is bigger than the ‘L’ and the closely spaced ‘T’s are indicators to pay attention to.

Tip: Lettering on the main stamp is always thin, crisp and very clear, along with showcasing an aligned font.

Take your time and make an informed choice while shopping for your favourite limited edition Louis Vuitton bag or clutch. Remember there isn’t a Louis Vuitton “Closeout Liquidation” or a ‘Wholesale List’. Ignore such offers! Flaunt the original by using our guide on how to spot a fake Louis Vuitton bag and match it with a gorgeous outfit of your choice!

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