Stylish Tips To Wear A Scarf

A scarf is not just a clothing item used to keep you warm and cosy, it’s an integral part of women’s accessories, and can certainly make a style statement! You can never go wrong with a good, luxurious scarf, which is something that will never go out of style! Hermès, Gucci, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana are some of the best scarf brands offering the best scarves that are elegant and graceful and can make you look effortlessly stylish! Many of them come in silk, but as wonderful as that is, they are not exactly the easiest material to style. We give you 6 tips to wear a scarf.

It’s said that a Hermès scarf is sold every 20 seconds, that’s how popular they are! A good scarf is as great for a casual look as it is for an official one- the only difference is the way it is styled. It can instantly transform a look from drab to fab! You can go for a plain one or add a pop of colour with a scarf, they’re so versatile and chic. An all-black outfit with a bright scarf is a very classy look that women and fashionistas swear by.

tips to wear a scarf
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What to keep in mind when picking the perfect scarf

It is not as simple as, “This looks nice, let me pick this!” when it comes to a luxury scarf, it is quite an investment. Iconic labels like Hermès create timeless pieces which have great resale value. Their printed silk scarves especially are high in demand. Not only are they great to wear, but are collection pieces to treasure, they even make precious gifts! Yes, they can be pricey, but well worth every penny!

There is a lot of debate over the ‘perfect’ way to wear or style a scarf. Of course, there are multiple ways of wearing one, and the House of Hermès teaches everyone how to style one of their most coveted items- the iconic Hermès silk scarf. Shop from a range of Hermès scarves here.

Here are some of the popular and easy ways to style a silk scarf:

1. Wearing it around the neck

One of the simplest and most popular ways is to simply tie the scarf around the neck, which really enhances the look of the outfit. A basic tee, tailored blazer, or formal dress would make the perfect companion to your scarf. Try this Dior scarf and style it with a knot around the neck.

tips to wear a scarf
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Here are some ways to knot the scarf:

a. The Cold Shoulder

Roll the scarf diagonally, wrap it only once around the neck, take the ends to the back and tie it loosely on one side of the neck.

b. The French Girl Twist

The classic French style, one that you can never go wrong with! It’s just a simple double-knot and works well with deep as well as collared shirts.

c. The Cowgirl

This one involves folding the scarf into a triangle, wrapping it once around the neck and bringing the ends to the front and tying them up.

d. The Bowtie

Diagonally roll the scarf, wrap it around the neck from back to front and tie it like a bow.

e. The Tie

Diagonally roll the scarf so that each end is of equal length when draped in the front. Take the right side over the left and wrap it, then under and over again. Pull the right side up to the chin and then tuck it under the fold, so it looks more like a tie.

f. The Plaited Spiral

This is a glam look which is a bit complex to pull off, but worth the effort! Fold the scarf into a triangle. Then fold the largest point back into the triangle. Roll it up and wrap it around the neck pulling the ends forward. Tie a knot and twist the two ends around each other, keeping the fabric loose and somewhat fluffy so it looks like a braid. Then tie a double knot after wrapping one end around the neck. This one looks stylish with the knot shifted to one side of the neck.

Some more interesting, offbeat ways to wear a scarf!

2. As a handbag accessory

Simply drape the scarf over the handbag, and this easy step can lift your look and customise it like no one else! You can tie it around casually, make a bow or drape it completely over the handle for a trendy vibe. This is a great accessory for women’s handbags. This Louis Vuitton Scarf could very well be the perfect partner for your handbag.

tips to wear a scarf
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3. As a headpiece

This is an edgy look which might be hard to pull off, but looks super classy if you do it right! Whether it is to take a ride in a convertible, sail in a yacht, or relax on the beach, not only does it protect your hair but makes you uber stylish! The Bunny ears, which involves taking the scarf from the bottom of the scalp and tying it on the top of the head is a very popular vintage way to tie it! This style will make you feel like you’re straight out of the 80s!

4. As a neckpiece

A simple and stylish wearing method. Fold the scarf and make a simple knot in the middle. Then make two more knots on the either side and place the scarf around the neck. Secure the ends with a double knot. This Chiffon Alexander Mcqueen scarf would make a perfect neck scarf.

5. As a bracelet

Tie the scarf around your wrist for a trendy and chic look! This adds a pop of color to the outfit, and gives a more vibrant appearance.

6. As clothing

Wrap your scarf around your waist like a belt, or use it as a sarong on a beach! These are simple ways to wear a scarf, some women choose to style their Scarves as tops as well, and they look fabulous!

tips to wear a scarf
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What is your favourite method to style your scarf the next time you wear one? Looking for more options in your scarf line up? Shop for some more here.

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