4 Reasons Why We Love Etro

For close to half a century, the Italian fashion house Etro has been the go-to for those seeking the latest trends that anchor around a distinctive style. There are many reasons to love the brand, and many of us have always wanted to own Etro jackets and Etro dresses, because of the breezy styles and designs that showcase a very flamboyant language. The credit goes to the founder, Gerolamo Etro, a seasoned traveller who laid the foundation for the brand we all love.

A fusion of imaginative designs and contemporary pragmatism, Etro brand commands a lot of attention from the fashion experts, and you will never go wrong with a garment from this label. Here are some of the many reasons why we simply love Etro clothes.

1. The Paisley Story

Global inspirations are a part of every Etro collection and nothing is more iconic than the paisley prints that adorn many Etro tops, shirts, dresses and more. The Paisley Collection is centred on the fine woven cashmere that has enamoured fashionistas across the world. The colours and prints that define this Milan based brand come from stories of travel and the exotic cultures of the east. The paisley prints first made their way to the exhibitions of Europe’s fashion capitals in the year 1981 and they have taken over the world of garment design since.

The ingenuity of these original designs lives on and thrives in the latest collections. This shift dress with classic Etro paisley on light silk is a perfect example of Etro style fashion with this choice for bottoms – green silk trousers with geometric designs. The signature style is evident in this pair of ladies trousers, with shades of red and black motifs, an ideal combination with a solid black top. Art and symmetry is one of the underlying themes of Etro, and its motifs and house styles are accessible to all those who look in fashion, a statement that speaks beyond the clothing.

The iconic paisley print

2. Flamboyant Designs

Etro has never shied away from the brighter shades and provides a luxury fashion option for those who want to skip sophisticated solids for something more flamboyant. Whether you are looking for Etro women’s jeans or Etro pants, your choice of hues and classic prints will be unlimited. Etro jeans have re-invented the genre, as evident with the printed denim collection, blending different weaves with bold designs, exquisite patterns and alluring fits. A diamond print is the highlight of this skinny pair of jeans, which sports a gold toned Etro logo at the rear waist. Etro women’s skirts come with many prints and designs. A silk and velvet combination makes this maxi dress an ideal addition to any luxury collection. Put on some heels and a pair of shades for a nice summertime look.

If you are a fan of retro designs and earthy print,s then Etro has a lot in store for you! Printed dresses with an embellished waist would be a perfect accompaniment for some trendy pumps. This silk and polyester sleeveless piece combines the classic and the spirited.

3. The Texture Game

The Etro fashion house is known to experiment with its core textures, ensuring the most comfortable fits. Creative Director Jacopo Etro, the man behind the many allusive designs and styles and the son of founder Gerolano Etro, is considered to be the person behind Etro’s leadership in providing customers some of the best fabrics in the world. Research that combines traditional methods with state-of-the-art experimentation results in the emblematic fabrics. Sequins and silk are the highlights of some of Etro’s classy kimonos, a fine example of the brand taking its textures very seriously. Even the timeless cardigan gets a touch of luxuriant treatment, with grey angora wool.

Classy Kimono

4. A Complete Wardrobe

Etro as a brand exemplifies luxury and exclusivity. The brand has a selection of accessories for women. Some of the designs you can enjoy include fabric necklaces, gold toned rings, dangle earrings and lockets, each carrying with them the unique Etro inspirations.

This elegant necklace can glam up any outfit

The collection boasts some sedate, cosmopolitan designs too, a different direction from the paisley and bold prints. This purple burnout sleeveless dress is a guaranteed head turner, complete with a highlighting belt.  The chic beige and brown velvet blazer is a perfect combination with panelling, notched lapels, and big buttons for a comfortable yet elite look.

Etro clothes are great for downtime wear and casual occasions, while maintaining their characteristic exclusivity. Long sleeved button shirts with eye-catching blends of colours showcasing paisley patterns are great with regular trousers or other plain bottoms. Tropical prints like this red print one are perfect for a brunch, or you can opt for a dazzling artwork like this multi-coloured piece for a silky, vibrant look.

Milan’s Finest

Etro has celebrated many traditional designs from Asia over the years, putting a spin on them and lining them up for the ramps of Europe. Embark on a journey when you pick up Etro women clothes, that come with the impeccable silhouettes and stitching from one of Milan’s famous fashion families.

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