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The French know their fashion and Hermès is a name that can prove this without a doubt. When it comes to luxury fashion there are very few brands that are as popular as Hermès for consistently delivering the highest quality fashion products, especially women’s handbags.

Founded in 1837 by Thierry Hermès as a harness workshop, the brand slowly and steadily made a name for itself in designing the finest leather goods. The handbag collection from Hermès was created in 1922 and the rest is history. Emile Maurice, the grandson of Thierry Hermès who was then taking care of the company, designed a bag for his wife which he wanted to be unique and exclusive. This marked the beginning of the success story of the brand in the handbags segment.

While being pieces that can grab everyone’s attention, these bags are also good investments and may perform better than your stocks. With timeless classic designs and durable materials that can stay on long, theses bags are worth investing in.

Hermès Birkin bag:

If there is one bag that is synonymous with “iconic” it is the Birkin bag. Always in demand, it is magical how the bag can instantly elevate your looks effortlessly. The story of the origin of the Hermès Birkin bag is as popular as the bag itself. When Jean-Louis Dumas, the Chairman of Hermes was traveling in a plane, Jane Birkin who happened to sit next to him was fumbling with her bag trying to organize her essentials. As they discussed the concept of adding extra space in handbags, Jean-Louis Dumas sketched the design on a barf bag from the airplane. After many redesigns, Hermès finally introduced the Birkin bag.

Each bag is painstakingly handcrafted by artisans who work on a single bag for as long as 48 hours. The craftsmanship shows in every element of the bag. So, you can be sure that each Hermès bag is specially made with dedicated efforts for the person who eventually buys it.  Priced between $12000 to $14000, these bags are worthy investments and have great resale value.

Birkin Exotic range:

The Birkin’s made from Ostrich skin or Croc skin are exotic bags that can add class and luxury to your outfit. The exquisite collection is priced between $35000 to $50000. With exotic skin leather these handbags also have valuable metal hardware and gemstone embellishments like palladium hardware and diamond embellishments. Birkin bags with Croc leather, diamond embellishment, and 18K gold hardware have been the most expensive ones sold so far. These bags symbolize absolute luxury. These continue to be the favourites of celebrities worldwide. For those who love grandeur, these are quintessential pieces that you simply cannot miss.

Hermes Tangerine Ostrich Leather Birkin Bag

Kelly bag:

The one bag that has been as popular as the Hermès Birkin is the Hermès Kelly bag. Packing function and fashion in one this is a versatile bag that would never let you down. It has continued to be the it-bag for decades.

The bag was introduced initially as a horse rider’s saddle bag. It rose to fame when the fashion icon Grace Kelly used this bag to hide her baby bump which instantly made it popular and eventually lead to the name of the bag. It takes an artisan almost 25 hours to finish one Kelly. Like the Birkin, this bag is also hard to get your hands on. Hermes bags aren’t readily available, they are sold to a chosen few they call clientele and add people to it after studying their buying history. Having good contacts also won’t assure you that you can get your hands on these bags. Like the Birkin bags, the Kelly bags also come in exotic croc leather in some of the most stunning hues. Priced a little lower than the Birkin, you can buy Kelly bags anywhere around $9000. Given its popularity and rarity there are many who are on the waiting list for a Kelly bag purchase. If you have one and want to sell it, we can help you do that. Fill a simple selling form here.

Hermès Herbag

Closely next in the line of popular Hermès bags behind the Birkin and Kelly is the Herbag. If the Kelly and Birkin are all about class, this one is all about the subtle style that comes in the most vibrant colours. There is never a dull moment when you flaunt these chirpy Herbags.

Hermès bag price
Hermes Leather and Canvas Herbag

Besides being stylish, these are utilitarian bags that look sleek. In a lot of ways, this Herbag is a lighter and a peppier version of the Kelly. The conveniently long shoulder strap makes it easy to carry on the shoulder and cross body as well.

The sturdy exteriors keep the bag looking good as new even after daily use. There is also a backpack variant of the Herbag, handy for travel. It comes not just in a wide range of colours but is also available in different size options. For the minimalists, there are neutral hues in cloth and leather as well which can easily be carried with any outfit. If you ever find some of the vintage Herbags, grab them without a second thought for these are hard to come by.

A Hermès bag is a prized possession, identified easily and is a much-coveted luxury brand in the fashion world. Which will you invest in today?

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