How to Spot a Fake Fendi Handbag

Fendi founded in Rome in 1925 has now come to define the zenith of Italian design for close to a century. Fendi harnesses the country’s artistic legacy in its haute couture products, be it a pair of sunglasses or Fendi bags. Owning some of the iconic designs is a dream for many  

If you are thinking of adding a Fendi bag to your luxury collection, check out a few details before making a final purchase. Because of the bag’s soaring worth in high fashion, there are many sellers of fake goods trying to capitalize. In the end, a Fendi bag is impossible to replicate to the smallest details. So, keep your eyes open and step away from the fakes with these tips on how to spot a fake Fendi handbag.

Spot a Fake Fendi Handbag

1. Making an Acquaintance

The first step is to familiarize yourself with the brand and the various styles/designs. Fans of Fendi clutches would recognise the Forever Continental wallet, with its famous Zucca canvas design. The Zucca canvas is one of the popular design elements of Fendi which you will come across when you browse the many collections. For example, this bold multicoloured chef shoulder bag celebrates the Zucca canvas. Note the Fendi metal charm, another unmistakable element of many original Fendi bags. The Silvana is another classic by Fendi that sports a sophisticated brown leather design and Pequin canvas sides. The gold and silver tone hardware has the Fendi trademark etched, a very important hallmark of authentic bags.

Fendi Multicolor Zucca Canvas Medium Chef Shoulder Bag

2. Plaques and Holograms

Post 2004, Fendi introduced hologram stickers for the bags. These stickers are extremely detailed and feature multiple effects. The sticker is found on the fabric tag in the bag’s interiors, and under the hologram, you will also see an alpha-numeric serial number. If the bag you are investigating has none of these, you are definitely looking at a fake. Remember, however, that serial numbers were introduced in Fendi bags in the 1980s, so a model preceding that would not have them. On the other hand, a pristine Fendi from that era would also be a rare item. Look for a metal plaque with the logo. This is a common feature in most Fendi women handbags.

Fendi hologram sticker

The hardware of a Fendi is one of the best indicators of its authenticity. Whether you are picking up Fendi women Hobos or Fendi Totes, there is a certain striking quality and finishing hallmarks evident in the hardware of an original piece. The zippers and studs should all have the logo engraved.

3. The Logo

The FF logo of Fendi is one of the most iconic in luxury fashion. A lot of Fendi fakes do not get the detailing of the logo correct. Wrong shapes and touching Fs are just some of the glaring mistakes. The logo is also an important design element in many Fendi Women bags with printed themes. Fake Fendi bags are prone to have certain mistakes on the body prints.

4. Hardware and Material


Let us study the features of some of the popular Fendi models, such as the Peekaboo. One look at this authenticated purple leather Peekaboo with a turn lock will tell you why it is a favourite of luxury bag enthusiasts. Cross check the dimensions of the bag you are trying to authenticate with official sources. The Peekaboo is a structured bag so if the bag does not retain its shape, it is not a real one. A canvas lined interior and black leather form the base of this original black Linda satchel.

Must have Fendi Peekaboo bag!

Fendi 2Jours or 3Jours

When trying to spot for fakes, check the leather quality. Fendi bags are made from exclusive quality leather, which is durable and has a luxe texture to it. Fakes with inferior leather quality will be quite easy to spot on this basis. If you are looking at a Fendi 2Jours or 3Jours note the metal bar that runs across the front of the bag. Originals are screwed to the bag, so anything else is a rip-off. This is a much loved design element, adding a sense of geometry to the larger design and the finishing is impeccable. Most fakes will not be able to replicate the metal and enamel quality.


The baguette is another immortal piece of leather craft from the house of Fendi. The hardware in front of the bag features the double Fs in a square, the closure clasp. Look for the Fendi engraved on the buckles and other parts of the hardware. This gold toned fatigue green baguette with the monogram design is a perfect example of this Fendi master-class.

Authenticate a Fendi Bag
The iconic double Fs in a square

Fendi Hobo

The Fendi Hobo also has some particular characteristics. Fendi uses jacquard canvas for its Zucca bags. The monogram design is another hallmark. The double Fs that adorn the canvas are all equidistant.

Whether you look for Fendi Hobos to make an everyday style statement or choose to opt for the elegant selection of Fendi women clutches for  formal evenings, this Italian institution is a symbol of refined taste. With a design philosophy that blends the classy with the endearing and gives it an urbane spin, Fendi is an enduring trademark in the higher levels of luxury fashion. Add this icon to your collection, a timeless expression of modern Roman design, and make sure to use our tips to spot a fake Fendi handbag and get your hands on the real deal!

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