How to Spot a Fake Hermès Birkin Bag

There’s nothing more priceless for a fashion lover than the Hermès Birkin bag. This one-of-a-kind, elite handbag is more than just a fashion statement; it is now a status symbol among the rich and famous. Not only do thousands of people across the world desire this bag, but they go to great extents to acquire it. Ever since the demand for Hermès bags increased, the number of imitations began to flood the market. With a price tag that hefty, you wouldn’t want to be stuck with a fake Hermès Birkin bag.

More than 90% of the Hermès sold aren’t genuine. Scary, isn’t it? Worry not, we have created a 10-step checklist to spot a fake Hermes Birkin bag.

1. Stitching

spot fake Birkin
Hermes Grey Ostrich Leather Silver Hardware Birkin 35 Bag

One of the reasons a Hermès Birkin bag is so expensive and coveted is because it’s handmade and hand-stitched. When a bag is hand-stitched, the sew lines are particularly flawless. If you notice discrepancies in the stitching, the bag isn’t authentic.

Observe the bag closely for stitches that are crooked, out of place, or out of line. There wouldn’t be any irregular patterns on an authentic Hermès bag. If you want to inspect the patterns on your Hermès women’s hobos or Hermès women’s clutches, you need to follow the lines on the bag with your finger. Try to feel if the stitches are crooked. If you see sloppy stitching, the bag is fake.

2. Handles and Bag Shape

Another excellent tell-tale sign of an authentic Hermès women bag or Hermès women handbag is the shape of the bag and the handles. The bag should look structured when it’s standing. If it begins to slouch or bulge in certain places, the bag is an imitation. Similarly, the handles should also stand straight up. Fake Hermès bags also tend to have misshapen or rounded handles; a big giveaway.

3. Hardware

spot fake Birkin
Hermes Green Epsom Leather Gold Hardware Birkin 40 Bag

Hermès bags or Hermès totes are expensive because the hardware is made from metals like palladium or plated with gold to prevent it from tarnishing quickly. Another indicator of an authentic Hermès handbag is the small markings present on the hardware. The hardware will also be particularly heavy if it’s high quality. Pay close attention to the weight of the studs, lock, and keys, as well as other pieces of hardware on the bag. Should the hardware feel light or cheap, it’s a fake Hermès handbag.

4. Lining and Interior

Lined with chevre leather and grained goatskin, the lining and interiors of Hermès Birkin bags are designed with exceptional precision and care. The lining and interior of the bag are meant to exhibit a sign of high-quality work. Sometimes, Hermès bags are made with different materials. However, these materials will also be top-quality. A quick way to see if the Hermès bag is authentic is by cross-checking the colour scheme on the official Hermès website.

5. Logo

spot fake Birkin
Hermes Fauve Porosus Crocodile Gold Hardware Birkin 30 Bag

The bag has a stamp that reads “Hermès Paris Made in France”. This logo has a delicate and neat font that’s placed over the stamp. However, the texture of the leather doesn’t affect the appearance of the font. If the Hermès bag is fake, the logo will look uneven and blocky. The logo should also be properly centered. If there’s a certain crookedness to the design, the Hermès bag isn’t authentic.

6. Authenticity Card

One of the biggest red flags to spot a fake Hermes Birkin bag is an authenticity tag, Hermès doesn’t issue an authenticity card. If your Hermès Birkin bag includes an orange plastic card with “Hermès” on it, the bag is a fake. This is something imitators overdo.

7. Dust Bag

spot fake Birkin
Hermes Kiwi Epsom Leather Palladium Hardware Birkin 35 Bag

Whenever you buy a Hermès Birkin bag, a Hermès dust bag should also accompany this package. This dust bag is high-quality, just like the Hermès Birkin Bag. The dust bag also has a clean and neat stitch count. Pay attention to colour of the dust bag. The dust bag is always a light beige or orange colour with a dark brown Hermès logo. The drawstring is made from 100% cotton and is brown as well. Fake dust bags are grey coloured and have a burgundy coloured stamp.

It goes without saying that you need to inspect each detail of a Hermès Birkin bag. The influx of fake bags has increased over the last few years. To ensure you’re getting what you’re paying for, look closely for red flags that are mentioned above. Check each detail of the bag before you make the purchase and you’ll be a proud owner of an original and authentic Hermès bag.

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