The Gentleman’s Style Guide

A little bit of fashion advice would do you a whole lot of good in styling a man. These fashion guides are especially helpful and relevant when it comes to formal dressing or when you are suiting up for a special occasion. It’s a challenge to look cool and sophisticated at the same time, basically, a gentleman with perfection! We have curated a gentleman’s style guide for you.

Don’t do white socks black shoes unless you are MJ

This is a deadly fashion sin that most men make so often, it’s scary. If you do not want to do away with your classic black shoes, go with dark coloured socks that blend in with the shoe colour and do not stick out like a sore thumb. For example, if you plan to go with Tod’s Black Leather Monk Strap shoes which are chic formal, plain black/brown coloured socks or striped ones would be best suited for them.

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Make sure your belt and shoe colours complement each other

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? It is indeed surprising that still so many men wear belts and shoes that are horribly mismatched. There are millions of options when it comes to men’s belts. You can pick any belt according to your choice and requirement, ranging from Dolce and Gabbana brown leather logo plaque belt to Gucci red Guccissima leather interlocking GG buckle men’s belt. You can go for a plain and subtle designer belt or one with a fancy buckle. Just make sure that the colour and design of your shoes is perfectly aligned to that of your belt, to maintain your dashing look.

Spend good time while choosing your tie

A well-matched tie can make all the difference to your overall appearance. Even if you are sporting your best suit but have complemented a shoddy tie with it, the look will be no better than a rip-off of an international brand. Thus, once you have decided your shirt/suit, spend time and invest in a good quality tie. Brands such as Ermenegildo Zegna, Valentino, Giorgio Armani etc. make excellent quality ties crafted from pure silk. If you are wearing a plain shirt, you can easily go for a printed or striped tie. In turn, if your shirt is printed, go ahead and choose a plain solid colour piece.

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Always remember the three button rule

All the formal coats/blazers/jackets that you buy are bound to have three buttons and as everyone is always confused about buttoning or not buttoning them that stylists have officially created the three-button rule to end all chaos. Here are the rules of usage for each of the three buttons. These rules are to be followed irrespective of the other accessories accompanying your coat. You must button the top most button ‘sometimes’, ‘never’ button the last button and ‘always’ button the button in the middle. As simple as that!

Know your leather products

Be it a belt, a pair of shoes or even a watch strap – ensure you buy the best quality leather. Pure leather lasts longer and is extremely sturdy and reliable. Secondly, cheap leather blends are easy to spot and apart from having a short lifespan, they give an extremely tardy appearance, which we are sure you wouldn’t want. Thus, make a one-time investment in excellent quality leather products and be ready to keep them for life, because pure leather never dies! So, go get those Hermes leather belts or Salvatore Ferragamo oxford shoes and add value to your wardrobe.

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A well-fitted trouser makes a suave gentleman

We are not even exaggerating when we say this. Even if your trouser costs a fortune, it is of zero value without a good fit. Take time to try and analyse the fit of a trouser in a thorough manner before you go ahead and buy it. Ponder on the kind of shoes you will be pairing it with. Emporio Armani is the best when it comes to formal men’s trousers, providing excellent quality material and a comfortable fit. Boss by Hugo Boss and Jean Paul Gaultier are also popular options for the new-age man. Tom Ford and Dolce and Gabbana are preferred by seasoned professionals who enjoy a minimalist look.

Patterned shirts are not meant for everyone

Those bold and summery prints look extremely jolly and enchanting, but please know that these ‘brightly colored’ pieces are not meant to be worn by every soul. If you are the quintessential beach bum who can rock a pair of shorts and a loud shirt with a straw hat, be a rock star and go for it. If in doubt, please avoid the rockers and go for a plain shirt instead. Trust us, you will still look equally summer-ready but just less awkward. Etro has a gorgeous collection of pop-colored printed shirts. Burberry also has a refreshing collection of patterned prints.

Etro Purple Paisley Printed Cotton Shirt

We hope we have given you enough food for thought for your wardrobe. All said and done, one basic tip – no matter what you wear, carry it with confidence and you are guaranteed to attract a lot of attention. You can go buy your favourite Givenchy cotton shirt and those black Burberry trousers, but just make sure that you keep it simple, well-matched and classy.

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