How to Style a Givenchy Antigona

Hubert de Givenchy not only gave his name to the fashion house, but also established a distinctive philosophy of design that has made this Parisian institute a flag bearer of European haute couture. Givenchy had Audrey Hepburn for brand ambassador, who ranks immortal on the list of the greatest fashion icons that have ever walked the earth. Hepburn was the muse of Givenchy for decades and her grace and influence still makes this label a classic choice for collectors and high fashion enthusiasts.

The Givenchy Antigona has been the ‘it’ bag and there are many ways you can wear it because of its understated and simplistic style. A little customisation can liven up a bag a long way. Here are some styling tips for this modern masterpiece, a must-have for any luxury bag connoisseur.

Versatile and Stylish

Antigona’s geometric cut design, handles and the luxurious lining adds to the texture of the premium leather that is the base for most authentic Givenchy bags. Crafted from exquisite purple leather and adorned with all the Givenchy elements, this medium Antigona satchel is a perfect accompaniment for a  regular denim and jacket look.

Givenchy Purple Leather Medium Antigona Satchel

Antigona Totes

The Antigona comes in many sizes. The Givenchy logo is the motif that adorns this large piece, perfect for travel or an evening jaunt to the mall. Cotton canvas and silver hardware adds to the casual yet sophisticated tone. Givenchy totes are another part of the Antigona line. Tropical beats and scenery inspire this printed line of Antigonas, a great vacation or summer piece that will compliment any casual ensemble. The gold toned hardware and metal logo lettering keeps the class intact for this spirited and spacious design. An everyday large bag, the Antigona totes come in many vibrant prints along with elegant solid designs. This floral print tote is another Givenchy special, with enough space for your essentials and more.

For All Occasions

Handcrafted and made in Italy, the medium size range of Antigona bags are a great choice for the office, giving a polished and professional look. Smooth brown leather and gold toned hardware adds to the structure and space of this celebrated design. The medium Antigona is also a perfect accompaniment for a cool evening’s outfit, cardigan, long skirt and pumps, for an alluring and charming look in the light of dusk. Opt for a beige python leather piece, extravagant with a smooth base and luxurious scaled finishing.

Givenchy Beige Python Medium Antigona Satchel

Modern and Sophisticated

Hitting the club with a luxury emblem is sure to capture some envy. Metallic silver is the way to go with this medium Antigona satchel. The Givenchy Antigona has a very clean sophisticated style and an understated outfit works for this icon. A turtleneck layered under a leather jacket with stiletto boots and skinny denim completes the confident and modern portrait, leaving you feeling comfortable and stylish. Complete the image with an Antigona in grey leather.

Clutches – Elegant and Minimalistic

Givenchy women clutches have an Antigona line too. Go for an elegant and subtle look with a formal dress with this purple leather envelope clutch. A metallic green colour envelope pouch adds a retro touch to your outfit, while the versatile black leather piece is a classic. The Antigona is certainly an eye-catching accessory, making it the perfect foil for fun and relaxing casuals.

Givenchy Metallic Green Leather Antigona Envelope Clutch

Authenticate your Antigona

When you are buying a pre-owned or new Antigona online, look for certain hallmark features to ensure that it is an original. Irrespective of the type of leather used, the Antigona is a structured bag that maintains its shape. Anything else is a dead giveaway to a fake bag. Other areas to look at include the triangle pad which falls between the handles. It is where you find the Givenchy logo. The pad should neither be too flat nor too thick. The tubular handles of the Antigona are slim and stand on their own. Also look at the logo and finishing of the base pads and shoulder pads. As an example of an original, here is a croc leather Antigona in green, authenticated by the experts at The Luxury Closet. Notice the flawless finishing of the joint stitches and the uniformity of the base pads.

More Givenchy

Givenchy women bags are exclusive and a collector favourite. The Parisian staple boasts many designs and range of products so you can choose anything from a Givenchy wallet to Givenchy women hobos. The fashion house’s logo monogram canvas is an unmistakable fashion statement. This canvas Givenchy women Wallet sports a leather trim and gold toned label, and has 6 pockets and 6 card slots, a perfectly sharp and simple design with extreme functionality. This wallet bag comes with a strap and can also be carried as a clutch.

Givenchy’s Signature Wallet

Parisian Chic Defined

Since it was formed in 1952, Givenchy has been one of the flag bearers of the French high fashion scene. Celebrated by Hollywood celebs, rock stars and royalty alike, Givenchy now offers the widest possible range of luxury. From fragrances to Givenchy women sunglasses, those who favor aristocratic and upscale designs flock to the many boutiques of the brand. Givenchy has continuously reinvented and set new trends, as is expected from a Parisian haute couture establishment. Timeless and luxurious, these qualities are just the scratch on the surface. Enjoy a classic, own a piece of art!

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