The Birkin Worth Investing in Right Now!

The deities gracing the French fashion smiled ear to ear the day this legend was born. A true classic dreamed with literal élan, this bag is identified as one of the most expensive women’s handbags in the world. The unparalleled elegance and exclusivity of this unattainable luxury signal nothing but the already known: an iconic style and an astounding price.

Hermes Birkin
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Yes, the bag we are referring to here is none other than the Hermès Birkin bag. Sewn from the threads of class and expertise, Birkin has fascinated celebrities and royalty alike compelling them to amass collections of it worth more than a fortune.

The History

The bag draws its inspiration and name from the English actress and singer Jane Birkin. The fashion lore says that it was a fortuitous plane encounter where this chanteuse met Jean-Louis Dumas, the then chief executive of Hermès. As she whined over the inefficiency of her bag which failed to house all her belongings, the gentleman was struck by an idea that has now revolutionized the world of handbags. Crafted with an objective of complementing the needs of modern women, each Birkin is handmade, taking several hours of sweat-breaking effort.

From 1984 till today, the bag has savored various iterations. It has stunningly evolved although its characteristic charm and opulence remain timeless.

From The Luxury Closet’s Treasure: The Special Hermès Birkin

We at The Luxury Closet are graced with the presence of several awe-inspiring Birkins that are fashioned in varied exotic materials and practically in every shade and hue in the rainbow. However, the Birkin in the spotlight today, is the most hankered after, one that will please your inner thirst for some high-end fashion.

Hermes Birkin
Hermes Rouge Garance Niloticus Crocodile Palladium Hardware Birkin 25 Bag

A rare find, this coveted Hermès Birkin 25 is a special and one of the most expensive Birkins we have. The size 25 is particularly popular as it is ideal for women of varying heights. This holdall has been handmade in crocodile niloticus, a limited hide from the Nile river. Not only are such materials hard to come by but it is also a laborious task to dye a crocodile skin to such an astronomical extent. The bag garners such eccentricity due to the fact that it is incredibly intricate to craft.

In a subtly feminine and splendidly glamorous Rouge Garance hue, this Hermès Birkin exhibits the signature trapezoidal silhouette with carefully handstitched threads on the outlines. Its well-cut fold-over flap is secured by two belted straps and a turn-lock closure accompanied by a distinctive, covered padlock, and keys safe in a clochette. Detailed with top handles and generous interiors, this Birkin comes with an exalted grace that transcends seasons and trends.

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It was Hermès’ forward-thinking and perceptive designs, also explicitly visible in their other creations like, shoes or accessories, that led to the creation of Birkin, a style which has typically defined an era.

Check out our admirable collection of Hermès Birkins below:

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