Bag of the Week: Hermès Niloticus Crocodile Lindy 26

It was in their Spring/Summer 2007 Ready-To-Wear collection when Hermès first revealed the Lindy to the world. The design quickly rose to recognition, amassing admiration and occupying a place in the closets of many handbag lovers. The bag may not be in the stature as that of the Birkin, Kelly, and Constance, but in its own right, is a classic.

The Hermès Lindy bag is available in multiple sizes such as 26 cm, 30cm, 34cm, 45cm, and does not follow the sturdy, structured shapes evident in most of the bags by Hermès. Instead, it is a slouchy, casual bag with a youthful vibe. But perhaps its most significant feature is the ability for women to carry it two ways: as a tote and as a shoulder bag.

hermes Lindy bag
Hermès Blue Orage Niloticus Crocodile Lindy 26 Bag

Niloticus Crocodile leather dyed in blue was used to construct the bag in its signature relaxed design. Then, two tubular handles were fitted in and connected via a single strap to be carried on the shoulder. On top, it has two separate side zippers, and the pull tabs on them must be looped into the palladium twist lock for the bag to be properly secured. The leather interior has two pockets and is very spacious, a quality that joins its list of praises. As a finishing touch, two pockets are detailed on the exterior, and five studs are fixed to protect the base.

Handbags of all forms have been created and carried around, but only a few continue to exist in reverence and collected with love. We believe the Lindy is such a kind, living amongst the few specials as one of Hermès’ gems.

If the Hermès Lindy bag has found a fan in you, explore The Luxury Closet for some more versions to choose from. 

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