The Datejust – A Watchmaking Miracle from Rolex

Setting a new paradigm for the future of watchmaking, the Datejust is one of the most recognised watches from Rolex. In 1945, to commemorate their 40th anniversary, the brand introduced a timepiece which was unlike any other the world had seen at that time. Datejust, a self-winding chronometer, was the first wristwatch to have an automatic date-changing function. It was not only a style that perfectly upheld the ascertained standards for which Rolex is known but also became one of the most important inventions of its time.

The Design

Rolex Datejust womens used luxury watch

The initial model was rendered only in 18 Karat yellow gold with the signature water-resistant oyster case and a fluted bezel. It had a jubilee bracelet and carried a domed case back to accommodate the Caliber 710 mechanism that powered the date function. Lastly, there was a date aperture at the three o’clock position that changed automatically at midnight.

In 1953, the watch was given a significant design update which is now a distinctive Rolex feature. The brand invented the Cyclops lens named after the one-eyed giant of Greek mythology. It sits directly above the date display and magnifies it two and a half times for easy reading.

The Datejust we see today is a subtly enhanced version of its precursor. Time and again, the brand has provided this style with both functional and aesthetical iterations, while keeping the signature elements alive. The modern Datejust is sculpted in a variety of materials and is available in two classic Rolex bracelets: Jubilee and Oyster. In addition, the increase in efficiency of watch movement eliminated the domed case back, giving this chronograph a much slimmer profile.

Rolex Datejust womens used luxury watch               Rolex Datejust womens used luxury watch                    

The Datejust We Love the Most!

For Men: Rolex Jubilee Dial 18K Yellow Gold Stainless Steel Diamonds Datejust Men’s Wristwatch 36 mm

Rolex Datejust womens used luxury watch

This watch exhibits detailed craftsmanship and brings a touch of sparkle to your wrist. The meticulous setting of lustrous diamonds on the bezel and the striking jubilee dial in blue make it a watch of excellence. It is designed in the signature Rolesor style flaunting a harmonious combination of polished 18K yellow gold and robust stainless steel. A quintessential Datejust, this chronograph bears all the characteristic attributes along with practical distinction.

For Women: Rolex 18K Yellow Gold Diamonds President Datejust Women’s Wristwatch 26MM

Rolex Datejust womens used luxury watch

This President Datejust is meant to add extra bling to your wardrobe. Shining bright with diamonds on the bezel that delicately extend to the lugs and on the dial, this elegant timepiece retains the aesthetics of fine watchmaking while being high on feminine appeal. Further, its distinctive black dial creates a beautiful contrast to the radiant yellow gold construction.

Reckoned as the pioneer of countless novelties, Rolex enjoys an uncontested place in the pantheon of luxury items. Iconic styles like Daytona and the Submariner have established that Rolex watches are not just visual wonders but also hold functional prowess. However, the Datejust is a marvel that remains a prime example of a classic watch till this day and will continue to do so for years to come.

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