Crash: A Celebration of Cartier’s Creative Genius

Each creation from the house of Cartier is unique and has an enthralling tale to tell. The Crash is one such beauty that became a muse for several fascinating stories. One of the most eccentric styles from the brand, Crash is known for its unlikely design that challenges the conventional codes of watchmaking.

Legends Surrounding the Birth of the Crash

The elemental thought of designing a piece like Crash came to Jean-Jacques Cartier from the remains of a watch recovered from a raging car accident that resulted in a fire. Purportedly, the distorted case of the classic Baignoire Allongé gave him the idea to create Cartier’s most creative timepiece ever and call it Crash.

Cartier limited edition watch

It is also claimed that this style draws inspiration from Salvador Dalí’s most recognizable painting, The Persistence of Memory which depicts a melting pocket watch; very similar to the shape of the Crash. However, none of these fables has ever been confirmed from the house. Instead, it claims that the buoyant spirit of Swinging London during the 1960s inspired them to make this watch that would accurately express the beliefs and ideology of that era.

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Limited Edition Cartier Crash Women’s Wristwatch

Originally launched in 1967, Crash was reproduced twice during the 1990s and then again in 2013. However, the latter was an exclusive collection of women’s wristwatches designed with gold and gem-set bracelets. A limited-edition, only 267 pieces with gold bracelets and 67 with gem-set bracelets were made.

Design Anatomy of the Crash

Cartier limited edition watch Cartier limited watch

This charming timepiece is sculpted in precious 18k rose gold and carries the celebrated asymmetric case of 25mm diameter. It is made special with brilliant-cut diamonds that wreathe the contours as well as the bezel, adding unmatched beauty and feminine glory to the creation. The beaded crown set with a solitary diamond and a well-carved bracelet lends extra character to its distinctive design. Lastly, the silver dial with its psychedelic Roman numerals and blue baton hands attests that the watch is constructed in true Cartier aesthetics.

Crash is just one beautiful example of Cartier’s creative genius. There is a spectrum of other iconic styles like the Tank, Ballon Bleu De, and Ronde Solo De that strongly attests the excellent craftsmanship and unparalleled watchmaking skills of this coveted label. Explore our collection of Cartier limited edition watches today!

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