The Iconic Hangisi Shoes by Manolo Blahnik

“You put high heels on and you change.” -Manolo Blahnik

A treasured choice of celebrities, brides-to-be, and women with style, Hangisi is not a new name in the realm of dreamy footwear. Spanish designer Manolo Blahnik, who is also famous for BB, Chaos, and Carolyne, created the Hangisi for his eponymous label’s Spring/Summer 2008 Collection. Little did Mister Blahnik know then that the shoe would be iconic to this day.

Manolo Blahnik HangisiThe first design was made using an embellished buckle found by Mister Blahnik on one of his trips to Italy. But, the inspiration for the court shoe was derived from the footwear worn by Napoleon I, Josephine, and Pauline Bonaparte. Each Hangisi pair is crafted in Italy, and the signature buckle is assembled using Swarovski crystals or faux pearls. Up till now, the pump design has been executed into flats, mules, boots, and d’Orsays.

 Manolo Blahnik Hangisi

In short, Manolo Blahnik’s Hangisi is a simple shoe highlighted by a dazzling buckle. So, how did it achieve the status of an icon? Well, we have Sarah Jessica Parker to thank for that. The ‘Sex and the City’ series was such a success that in 2008, a sequel movie was released. Among the many shoes worn by Sarah as Carrie Bradshaw was a pair of Hangisi pumps in a scintillating royal blue shade. The shoe was used as a proposal ring, thus making the scene truly memorable. The movie’s grand success indirectly skyrocketed the shoe into worldwide popularity, and the rest, they say, is history.

More than ten years have gone by since the Manolo Blahnik Hangisi was released, but the hunt for a pair lives on. The classic shoe has been reimagined in different versions and is available in numerous colors for everyone to have their own Hollywood moment.

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