5 Tips on How to Take Care of Your Designer Watch

Master watchmakers create instruments not just to tell time anymore. Today, watches are engineered with features like chronograph, tachymeter, moon phase and incorporated with precious stones in generous amount. Hence, it would be fair to state that watches have evolved in look, feel, complication and purpose. They have become both simpler and complex.

tips to take care of your designer watch

Parmigiani Fleurier Silver 18K Rose Gold Tonda Centum Wristwatch 42 mm

In the world of luxury watches, some are valuable for either being one-of-a-kind or for being painstakingly assembled while others are treasured because they bring a rich history or sentimental attachment. With careful measures and caution, these timepieces can be preserved and passed down generations.

Here are five tips to take care of your designer watch:

1. Frequent cleaning & servicing

Though it may seem that your watch is working fine, it is advisable to clean its surface regularly with a soft cloth and have it serviced every two or three years in order to catch any early signs of alarm. 

2. Protect the glass

tips to take care of your designer watch

Bernhard H Mayer Blue Stainless Steel Ascent Chronograph Wristwatch 44 mm

Be it acrylic, mineral or sapphire crystal, the glass protects an important element of a watch, which is the dial. It is, therefore, crucial to take precaution so as to avoid any scratch or crack.

3. Correct winding

If you own a mechanical watch, be sure to wind it frequently. Always wind the watch after unfastening it from your wrist to avoid adding excess stress to the winding stem. 

4. Safe storage

tips to take care of your designer watch

Tag Heuer Stainless Steel Aquaracer WAY1150.BD0911 Wristwatch 40 mm

A well-stored watch is a safe watch. Securing the watch in a pouch, case or its original packaging when not in use ensures that it is free from dirt or any friction that could cause scratches. 

5. Avoid exposure to sunlight

Long duration of exposure to sunlight can cause colour-fading of the watch, and the raised temperature can affect battery life.

Whether your watch is from Rolex, Patek Philippe, Ulysse Nardin or Aigner, Michael Kors and Versace, it needs constant maintenance to last long and perform accurately. Follow our easy tips, and you need not worry about losing your designer watch to untimely wear and tear.

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