How to Spot a Fake Gucci Marmont Belt

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Marmont belt, a creation from Alessandro Michele’s first show for Gucci in 2015, is still so coveted that you cannot scroll through Instagram on any given day without seeing several, if not more bloggers, models and fashion fans flaunting it. This Gucci belt is your buy-now, wear-forever piece that’s reinventing the way we accessorise today. 

Characterised by the archival GG buckle, the original design of the belt was rendered in a timeless black leather body with gold-tone hardware. However, now this IT accessory has undergone varied iterations and is available in many materials, hues and sizes. 

Women's beltSo, if you’re considering purchasing this popular style, read our tips to safeguard yourself from buying a knock-off piece.

Learn how to spot a fake Gucci Marmont belt: 

1. Material 

A careful examination of the material used in the Marmont Gucci belts can provide vital signs of authenticity. The label uses only natural, good-quality leather that is cut to shape your waist perfectly. Whereas, counterfeits are often rendered in flimsy, synthetic leather that shows damage upon rolling. 

spot a fake Gucci Marmont belt

Monogram canvas versions should have a streamlined GG pattern that begins with the double G logo. An irregular pattern that starts from any other point than the aforementioned is a red flag.

spot a fake Gucci Marmont belt2. Construction of the belt

Construction and finishing of an authentic Gucci belt are always immaculate. Fake Gucci belts will show inconsistent stitching and fraying, especially where the leather is attached to the buckle. In brief, any imperfection in the design is a sign that the belt may be a copy. 

3. GG Buckle

GG logo, where both the Gs are facing the same direction, is the central element of the Marmont collection. This emblematic logo is featured as a buckle in the Marmont Gucci belts. It comes in a mix of metals, mostly antique brass or shiny gold-tone and sometimes palladium-toned. You can spot a fake Gucci Marmont belt by looking closely at the buckle. Counterfeits will often appear too shiny or orange and might look polished or lacquered. 

spot a fake Gucci Marmont belt

4. Hallmark

Hallmarks are of great assistance when authenticating any creation from a well-known brand. The back of all the authentic Gucci belts will be marked with a “GUCCI Made in Italy” stamp followed by a reference number. Newer versions of the belt and the non-leather styles have the logo stamp near the buckle. Pay close attention to the font used in the stamp as the brand characteristically uses the font ‘sans serif’.

spot a fake Gucci Marmont beltspot a fake Gucci Marmont belt

5. Code

Gucci places all the reference numbers and codes within the body of the belt. Following the embossed brand label are four lines of numbers. While the first line indicates the style number of the belt, the second represents the art number. The third line conveys the size of the belt, in centimetre and inches respectively. 

In addition to the details mentioned above, you must also examine the overall look of the belt. Gucci is one of the most iconic fashion brands in the world and is celebrated for its flawless craftsmanship. Therefore, each of these belts will have a remarkable heft with a touch of luxury which cannot be forged. 

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