Five Investment-Worthy Bags from Goyard

Having established itself as a leading luxury house, Goyard enjoys a rich legacy of delivering high standards of craftsmanship to discerning patrons. Built on the bricks of innovation and tradition, it endeavors to provide customers with the opportunity of reliving history and heritage.

Unlike its competitors, Goyard has never felt the need to foray into online retail and has instead focussed on rarity, authenticity, and adding a personal touch to each piece. Perhaps, this is why it is extremely desirable among the elite, royal families, and the heads of state.

The Iconic Goyardine Canvas

Goyard Motif Pattern Design by Romry/shutterstock.com

Inspired by his ancestral history of log driving males, Edmund Goyard created the Goyardine canvas in 1892. Similar to leather yet different, it is made using a blend of linen, cotton, and hemp and is soft, durable and waterproof. Its current manufacturing process involves an application of ground color followed by three layers of etching colors, giving it a slightly raised texture. Although initially available in black, new colors were introduced by Jean-Michel Signoles in 1998, ranging from darker and vibrant to subtle and lighter tones. Goyardine was also rendered in pink, as a limited edition in 2008 and creations in that hue have ever since caught the fancy of connoisseurs. 

The Luxury Closet believes that ageless aesthetics will continue to ride high amidst waves of modernity and millennial punk. On that thought, we have chosen five investment-worthy Goyard bags for you to own and treasure. Discover these timeless creations where the past, present, and future meet and mingle.

1. Goyard White Goyardine and Leather Comores PM Tote

investment-worthy Goyard bagsGoyard’s Comores PM tote amalgamates luxurious elements and practicality in a marvelous structure brought to life using the signature Goyardine canvas. The side gussets help the bag retain its shape while the dual leather handles can be adjusted using the buckles. The mustard yellow interior, with its capacious compartment and the zip pocket, grants you the ability of conveniently carrying your day to night essentials.

2. Goyard Brown Goyardine and Leather Belvedere MM

investment-worthy Goyard bags

Belvedere, as the name suggests, immediately transports us to the hills that surround Clamecy, the town which is the origin place of the Goyard family. As a gender-neutral bag, the Belvedere MM is engineered in Goyardine canvas and brown leather and outlined with neat stitches. Twin engraved buckles secure the front flap and lead you to a canvas-lined open compartment, three slip pockets, and a zipped pocket. The leather strap can be adjusted to suit your needs allowing you to switch between shoulder and cross-body seamlessly.

3. Goyard Tri-Color Crocodile Saigon PM

investment-worthy Goyard bagsExemplifying Goyard’s commitment to the finest materials, this Saigon is a visual delight! As an iconic bag from the brand, it is clothed in exotic crocodile skin, one of the ‘prime materials’ that Goyard is known to select and work upon carefully. Distinctive in shape, it exhibits an interplay of pyramid side gussets, two wooden trims punctuated by studs, and the front tuck-in flap. Just like every element has a meaning behind it, the carved wood top handle is symbolic of the Goyard family’s history of males working as log drivers. The leather-lined spacious interior and the detachable shoulder strap make the bag functional while the protective metal feet present it with the gift of longevity. Read more.

4. Goyard Red Goyardine Coated Canvas 223 PM

investment-worthy Goyard bags

Also known to incorporate vivid colors, this red 223 PM Goyard bag takes birth draped in the perennial chevron-patterned Goyardine canvas. Detailed with leather trims stitched in perfect symmetry, it presents a captivating display of the gold trademarked logo on the front flap. While the leather insides offer ample space for necessities, the adjustable shoulder strap helps you outline a sophisticated look.

5. Goyard Grey Chevron Print Canvas Senat

investment-worthy Goyard bags

The Senat clutch from Goyard is one of the bestselling pieces and is available in four sizes and a plethora of colors. It is recognized in a flash, owing to its celebrated Goyardine canvas construction. Crafted with utmost refinement, it displays a top zip closure that gives way to a commodious interior apt for holding your must-have essentials. Its grandeur can be showcased by carrying it in hand or tucking it under your arms!

With the same passion of past times, Goyard aims at producing pieces resonating with the aesthetics of the contemporary age. Luxuriate in our pew-owned and new collection and let your dream of carrying a Goyard bag come true.

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