Prestigious Patterns — A Missoni Legacy

Delivering wearable art since its inception in 1953, Missoni has established a name for itself through creating relevant, chic and always comfortable fashion. The label’s story started back in 1948 at an official lunch during the London Olympics, where student spectator Rosita and sprinter Ottavio met. 

The collaboration between husband & wife gave the world a label that is celebrated with great aplomb and has an illustrious history of wowing women around the world. Synonymous with knitwear, patterns, and colors, Missoni’s house has a distinguished heritage of setting trends that never go unnoticed. 

Bringing Knits Back Into Vogue

The brand was responsible for making knits cool again! The humble knitwear that went back into the arena of casual fashion after seeing fame during Coco Chanel’s reign was revisited by the duo and glammed-up into must-have essentials for the fashion industry. Finding success in the new ‘ready-to-wear’ market, Missoni celebrated the versatility of knitwear. The label went all out with its use of vibrant hues and patterns to deliver creations that delighted female fans worldwide.

Missoni Must-haves
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From taking over the Italian market, Missoni’s apparel became a status symbol with its easy elegance. A far cry away from the constraining structure of couture, the label’s focus on form and functionality brought about the concept of ‘lifestyle dressing.’

Zig-zags and More!

Missoni’s timeless take on fashion was combined with a deep know-how of design, textile, technology and craftsmanship. The brand’s signature of using stripes evolved when Missoni took to knitting machines like the Raschel that worked on the principle of warp knitting. Cleverly using warp knitting, the label developed its iconic zig-zag pattern. 

Missoni Must-haves
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With the ingenious use of stitches, knitting, and patterns, Missoni’s expertise grew from knitwear to complex plaids, silks, jacquards, rayons, metallics, lurex, wools, cotton and more. Through constant innovation and experimentation, Missoni created fabrics, new dyeing processes, and lightweight materials. Today, the brand’s archives boast over 7000 designs of different fibers and are found in most of the brand’s collections.

Missoni Must-haves
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The key takeaway of the brand’s apparel is its recognizability. Missoni’s play on graphics with myriad hues, lines and patterns offer a distinct yet fresh palette of possibilities.

Laid-back Luxury – The Missoni Mood

With critical artistic decisions and effortless translation of personal style, the Missonis built their fashion house to be representative of avant-garde knits, mastery over color-pairing and a free-thinking approach. The brand’s innate ability to layer mismatched patterns and colors even inspired the American press to call the Missoni look as ‘put-together.’ 

Reiterating the founders’ belief that real luxury is an attention to detail with good and comfortable design, the brand’s creations deliver an unmatched sense of style. This style has been translated not just into apparel, but also accessories and pieces for the home.

Our Picks

Liberated styles, striking patterns & motifs, bohemian touches and slinky silhouettes are what set Missoni apart. Here are a few Missoni must-haves that will make your wardrobes sing with vibrancy. 

A design sense that refuses to be dated, a legacy that continues to flourish, and a deep fascination with experimentation, Missoni’s colored lenses look at the textile & fashion world with possibilities. Explore the best of Missoni in our closet and discover how the brand writes the pages of fashion history, one daring pattern at a time. 

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