Bag of the Week: Bottega Veneta Cassette bag

There is no better time to buy Bottega Veneta than now. Says who? Well, everybody! Owing to its booming business, cult designs, and fast-selling accessories, the brand has swiftly skyrocketed to the 9th position on Lyst’s Index of the hottest brands in Q3 of 2020. It is clear that Bottega’s rich heritage and deep-rooted spirit of unparalleled craftsmanship have once again found a new footing in the ever-changing zone of fashion trends.

The Modern Remake by Daniel Lee

By Creative Lab / shutterstock.com
Editorial Credit: Creative Lab / shutterstock.com

Heralded as ‘Fashion’s New Boy Wonder’ after collecting four prizes in one night at the 2019 Fashion Awards, British designer Daniel Lee is the star who is narrating Bottega Veneta’s sophisticated elegance in a modern tone. Since taking charge as Creative Director of the Italian fashion house in 2018 after Tomas Maier’s exit, he has delivered one It item after the other. Lee’s The Pouch, Padded Sandals, Cassette, The Jodie, The Fringe Crisscross, and The Lido mules have quickly directed the fashion spotlight on the relatively quiet brand. It’s quite a story of a sleeping giant has awoken. However, despite the hype he has created around his game-changing approach, Lee’s New Bottega products proudly carry the core of the House, which resides in leather goods and the famous Intrecciato weave.

Up Close With The Bottega Veneta Cassette Bag

Editorial credit: sama_ja / Shutterstock.com
Editorial credit: sama_ja / Shutterstock.com

Lee designed the Cassette bag for Bottega Veneta’s Pre-Fall 2019 collection by presenting the brand’s signature motif in a never-seen-before avatar. He exploded the Intrecciato weave to form perfect squares, thus creating a chocolate bar kind of pattern. A worthy rival to The Pouch, BV’s Cassette is available in padded, chain, and belt styles.

bottega veneta padded cassetteBottega Veneta Magenta Padded Leather Cassette Bag

The Cassette we are playing this week is the padded edition in rich magenta. Cleverly woven with broad strips of Nappa leather, the flap bag has a pillowy look and a buttery soft surface. Continuing the magic inside, the double-faced weaving technique ensures the interior matches the beauty of the grid-like exterior while keeping space for your phone, cardholder, and beauty essentials. Styling the bag comes easy too as its flat shoulder strap can be adjusted with the triangular buckle or completely tucked inside to become a clutch.

Our bag of the week this time is a choice that meets the current trends without rejecting the artisanal touch the brand has long been respected for. The Cassette only strengthens the growing list of Lee’s refined offerings that are logo-free and truly covetable.

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